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This wireless transmitter call button is 433MHz;have Three key: Call, Cancel, Pay; has sticker,can be fixed on the table ;the emission range can reach 500m in open area;bulid in 12V 23A battery ;modulation modeis ASK (AM);the working chip is learning code, can use in tea or coffee house, spas and salons, health and fitness clubs, restaurants, hotel conference rooms, executive dining rooms, Saloon, nightclubs, bowling alleys, massages house, churches, casinos, golf and country clubs, hospitals


Four key function: Call, Cancel, Pay, Order, can meet varied needs, widely use for restaurants, coffee shops, nightclubs, spas, salons clubs, and nursery churches. It has the stable signal, sturdy material, resistant to falling. The pager uses quality ABS engineering plastic material, more durable.Long working distance, the maximum working distance up to 150 meters in the open area and support customize.


Retekess TD107 Welcome Alarm with Infrared Sensor technology, multi-function, Integrated one-way Welcome Door Bell, it can support artificial synthesis or download sound, Dual color lights increase product experience, Large speaker configuration, sound can be adjusted, multi-language


TD021 signal amplifier for Retekess paging system and service calling system

Small size and easy to install and use

Powerful and stable signal repeater

$59.99 $39.99

This is RF wireless repeater which amplifies the wireless signal when the distance between transmitter and receiver is too long. Just install the repeater between transmitter and receiver, while it receives wireless signal, it enhances and send out again to the receiver


Compact size, each to handle; long working range, up to 40M in the open area; easy to operate, pairs already, press the corresponding number to track; sound and light to makes finding your items simpler than ever


Retekess T801 wireless doorbell with reliable range; 38 different ring tones; User Friendly; PIR Technology; 4 levels volume adjustment;