Push for Service

Wireless Service Calling System

The wireless calling systems allow guests to use the push button to seek service, and the staff can receive service requests through the LCD display or watch pagers in time. It is also available as a staff paging system. Greatly improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. The push for service system is widely used in restaurants, hotels, theaters, hospitals, clinics, stores, factories, and many other places where customers may need assistance.

Retekess service call system

The service call system includes watch receivers and display receivers, various types of call buttons, and repeaters. Different configurations can be used in multiple scenarios. Get the call system configured for your business from here.

Retekess nurse call system

The wireless nurse call system is a product portfolio solution suitable for care facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes. Including nurse station receiver, corridor wall receiver, watch receiver, call button, and repeater. Choose a suitable plan for your business.

Retekess call button

Retekess call button needs to be used with Retekess watch receiver or display receiver. Our call buttons have multiple colors and appearances. Buttons with different numbers of keys from 1-5 can be used with table call button transmitters or keypad transmitters. The launch distance ranges from 30 meters to 300 meters, you can choose according to your needs.

Retekess watch reveiver

The watch receiver can be used with any Retekess call buttons, which are comfortable to wear and easy to use. We have watch receivers with different performances, languages, and colors to choose from.

Retekess wireless calling system display receiver

The wireless calling system display receiver can be used with any type of Retekess call button. Display receivers of different sizes and colors can clearly display group calls and export call records. Different displays can show different groups of numbers at one time. Besides we provide customized displays showing different groups of numbers.

Retekess pager system repeater

Repeaters help extend the distance of the wireless service calling system by two to three times. And the TD021 repeater supports the use of multiple repeaters in one system. Our two repeaters are suitable for most models of products, and special models support customization.

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