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Nurse Call System for Hospitals and Clinics

With the wireless nurse paging system, patients use call buttons and SOS pager to seek service quickly, the nurse or doctor receives prompt information through the watch pagers and display receivers, which will then comes to the patient with speed and accuracy. Wireless nurse call systems make the hospital service more thoughtful and reliable, which is also the most ideal choice for patients.

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WiFi connectivity and serves as a self-alarm or traditional alarm host

Remote monitoring can stay updated on family's health status by remotely checking device usage through the app

Receive notifications when the host's battery level drops below 20%, ensuring efficient charging management

Easily access the button by wearing it around your neck with the attached lanyard for added convenience

Call records can be viewed through the APP

$23.99 $19.99

WiFi connectivity for alarm function panic button for elderly

Remote device usage monitoring and family health status checking via app

Low battery reminder for efficient charging management

Add up to 24 wifi buttons as needed

Convenient wearable design with attached lanyard for easy neck placement

$36.99 $32.99

Compact and portable medical pager, suitable for a variety of medical and service calling places

500m/1640ft (in open area) working range paging system

Three color call levels easily distinguish patient call status

32-bit LED dot matrix display, max up to 256 buttons

Power-off memory function makes setup easier

6 adjustable volumes and can be connected to external speakers

$109.99 $99.99

32-bit LED dot matrix display, compatible with 256 call buttons

500m/1640ft (in open area) working range

3 colors of alarm lights distinguish the urgency of the call

Portable and lightweight, convertible bracket comes with each call button

Power-off memory function, no need to reset after power outage

IP67 waterproof one-key call button

Timeout reminder never miss call

$102.99 $92.99

Long calling range up to 2000m (in open area) or more

32-bit LED dot matrix display, compatible with 256 nuser call buttons

IP67 waterproof quality

3 colors of alarm call lights distinguish the urgency of the patient call

Power off the memory function of the host, no need to reset it after a power outage

$201.99 $182.99

15 volume level of T114 Display Receiver,supports external audio devices

Add up to 999 call buttons,can serve more customers

Bracket and string hole design of receiver,Call button comes with stickers ,both them can be wall mounted

Working range up to 394-656ft in open area ,high sensitivity receiving technology

6 Prompt modes,visual and audible double reminder

Low battery reminder and removable battery of TD036 call button,say goodbye to the frustration of running out of battery


Retekess TD136 patient call system receiver with TD019 call button

Adjustable volume level; adjust the volume from 0-15 levels;

Any choice of 9 call modes to meet different usage scenarios;

The call button is simple and easy to operate

Equipped with double-sided tape, silicone sleeve, and lanyard

Easy to fix, dustproof and portable

$99.99 $89.99

The screen receiver has an operating range of up to 200 meters or 656 feet; the signal is stable

On-screen receiver with 15-level volume adjustment, supports external audio equipment

Add up to 999 waterproof TD009 call buttons

Space-saving: the screen is designed with brackets and string holes, the receiver can be placed on the counter or hung on the wall

With lanyard, wearable for patient and elderly. With double-sided tape, it can be pasted on the table


Easy for patient or elderly to use, For emergency call and home healthcare

Fix it  in bedside, washing room with double-sided tape or screws

Very convenient, you will no need to yell to ask for help any longer

Wireless range is about 656 feet/200 meter; Handle length of TH006 is 70 to 120 cm

Designed for elderly, children, disabled, pregnant handicapped, and patients and so on

Note: This button must be used with a watch receiver or screen receiver


Retekess TD108 Wireless Smartwatch Receiver with TD009 Waterproof Call Buttons

TD108 receiver supports English/ Portuguese/ Russian language 

TD009 call buttons are easy to operate

This combined call system is widely used in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, etc


Retekess TD108 Wireless Smartwatch Receiver with TH001 SOS Wireless Call

Button for elderly and patient

TD108 receiver supports English/ Portuguese / Russian language 

TH101 call buttons equipped with a neck strap, Stable signal, and range up to

150m in an open area

People wear it to have the emergency call


Retekess T128 watch receiver with TD009 wireless call button helps support faster service

T128 Calling System support max 999 channel pagers call at the same time

Support 3 group calls in the same display

TD009 waterproof call button pairing is simple and easy to operate

The battery power supply time is 6-12 months, according to use frequency


Retekess TH103 is a security alarm sound and light system with one call button

and one receiver

Call button with a string, so you can press the button or pull the string to transmit

the help signal

Call button with PVC, waterproof, you can hang on the wall or stick on the wall,

quite easy

The receiver light with 3 red LED lights, it is very clear to see

You can set mute, low volume, and high volume, it can reach 100DB


Retekess TD002 Wireless Call Button widely used in hospitals, clinics

Buit in 12V/23A battery

Long range and stable signal

Make the patients' needs get a quick service

Note: this device required the watch or display receiver.


Retekess TH004 emergency call button with TH003 receiver, easy to pair and use 

Each call button comes with a sticker, so you can stick it on the wall or any place, it is quite

easy to use. It can be widely used in a nursing home, clinics, hospital


Retekess TD122 wireless nurse call system SOS call buttons, Double screen display receiver, Nurse station receiver and signal amplifier, Could add 256 call buttons, Meet the needs of hospitals, nursing homes, personal clinics and assisted-living facilities


Retekess TH001 Wireless Call Button SOS Pager is smaller and lighter

Equipped with a neck strap, Stable signal, and range up to 150m in an open area

The smart wireless nurse call button allows a patient or an elderly to press a

button requesting assistance


Retekess TH102 in home caregiver pager system for family and nursing home

In home pager system is very easy to pair and use

Suitable for the care of the elderly, children, and pregnant women, for get help in time

The receiver with 4 levels adjustable volume 52 varied style of ringtone for optional

Range up to 100m in the open area


TH101 caregiver pager system for taking care of patients or elderly at family or nursing home

Timely reminder to healthcare and help family

The receiver with 5 levels adjustable volume 52 varied style of ringtone for optional

Range up to 80m in the open area

Very easy to pair and use


Support 256 call buttons, 1-60 beds LED prompt, With voice prompts and screen display, Make the staff much easier to know which room and bed need help, Ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, personal clinics and assisted-living facilities.