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Nurse Call System for Hospitals and Clinics

With the wireless nurse paging system, patients use call buttons and SOS pager to seek service quickly, the nurse or doctor receives prompt information through the watch pagers and display receivers, which will then comes to the patient with speed and accuracy. Wireless nurse call systems make the hospital service more thoughtful and reliable, which is also the most ideal choice for patients.

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Voice prompt, Worked as clock, Long communication range, Double-sided large digital display, warning sign of "Quiet please" and "No smoking"


Compact size, each to handle; long working range, up to 40M in the open area; easy to operate, pairs already, press the corresponding number to track; sound and light to makes finding your items simpler than ever


TH103 emergency call button for hospital, clinics and assisted living

Nurse call button with about 29.5in/75 cm length rope

Easy to pull and look for help

Can be installed in the bathroom, stairs, bedside


T114 Display Receiver:

Large digital display for easy viewing

Volume adjustable 1-15 levels, can be connected to 3.5mm audio amplifier, adjust the volume  according to your needs

Partitions can be set to quickly identify which patient is calling

TD003 Call button:

Long range and stable signal

Buit in rechargerable 12V/23A battery

Equipped with a 59mm handle cable and sub button, easy to press on bed


T114 Display Receiver:

Large digital display for easy viewing

Volume adjustable 1-15 levels

Can be connected to 3.5mm audio amplifier

TD002 Call Button:

Built-in 12V/23A battery

long-distance stable signal

Let the needs of patients get fast service


Adjustable volume level from 0-15

any choice of 9 calling prompt modes

Support 6 languages: EN/RU/FR/DE/ES/IT

Call history records can be viewed

Distance up to 150 meters in the open area

Equipped with lanyard, easy to carry 


Approx 1000ft/300mtrs

4 Levels of volume

IP55 Waterproof

52 Ringtones

Low power consumption