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TD013 Wireless Pager Call Button 3 Colors Black Orange and Claret-red

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Retekess TD013 wireless Call button is widely used in restaurants, hotels, bars,hospitals, and SPA. The advantages of using the wireless call button are faster service, increased table rotation, greater customer satisfaction, and increased overall revenue. The call button can work with Retekess T128, TD108 and TD106 wireless wrist watch receiver.

     TD013 A.png


1. Surface injection treatment, high gloss UV, good texture, wear resistance, scratch resistance.

2. The design is novel, the overall size is thin, suitable for high-end restaurants

3. The button is made of PVC sticker, which has good waterproof effect.

4. Low power design, use for more than 8 months

5. With call indicator light, it will light when the signal is emitted

6. Communication distance reaches 100 meters


texture one key call button

It is looks very advanced and texture. You can use it for your high-ranking store.

Waterproof Function

This call button is water proof, so you can feel free to put it on the table. 

Long time using

It can use for 8 months after you receive it. If you don't use it too much one day, you can use more time than usual.


Long range 

The signal is very strong, it can reach 100 meters in open area. 

Double faced adhesive tape

You can stick it on the tabl or wall, it is very convenience for install.

Three Colors

You can choose the color which fit for your condition. If you want other colors, we can customize for you. 

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Technical parameters:



Operating temperature

-10~50 °C

Storage temperature

-20~60 °C

Wireless coding



12V 23A

Operating current



100 m (open area)

Operating frequency




Product Weight


Package Include:

1X TD013 Wireless Pager

1X Double-sided Tape

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Does what it says
I ordered this and a watch for our receptionist for when she is away tending to other things and it works very well!

Please fill in your procurement needs and contact information