T114 Wireless Queue Calling System Display Receiver Host for Restaurant Clinic

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Retekess T114 paging system adopts RF wireless and learning code technology

Support 999 wireless call buttons for your business grows

Easy to install and match the call buttons to use

Large digital display for servers check

Volume adjustable 1-15 levels

Can connect 3.5mm audio

Suitable for noisy food court; bar; factory; but also suitable for hospital; clinic; office; nursing home that need to maintain a quiet environment

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Retekess T114 Wireless Queue Calling System


Retekess T114 wireless queue calling system could work with 999 pcs wireless call buttons, easy to install and use, ideal for restaurants, cafe shops, bars, SPAs, hotels, clinic, hoptital,club and so on. 

This receiver host use RF wireless and learning code technology. It can pair up to 999 wireless calling transmitter and 1 management remote controller. The receiver host uses advanced industrial micro processor and high-sensitivity receiving technology which make the products very stable.

Queue Calling System Features:

1. Support 999 call buttons with one display

2. 15 levels volume adjustment, the voice is 5 times than the normal device. 

3. There are 6 notice modes

4. 3 voice mode, dingdong, English broadcast, music.

Wireless Calling System Support Extra Stereo Device

All operations have voice prompt,easy to understand

Audio output interface, Support 3.5mm Stereo Device Connection, then amplify the calling sound

Calling System

You can set fixed or cycle calling records display, also Display Time is Adjustable from 001--180 seconds, 0 means no cycle

Delete time setting from 000--240 seconds, 000 means do not delete

Prompt time setting from 000--180 seconds, 000 means no prompt

Screen Display

Bracket and string hole on the receiver’s back, easy to place, you can set it on the counter or hang it on the wall by string, save your space and satisfy your various requirements

Three-digit and colourful LED display, easy to read even at a distance

Support the English letter beginning display: A,B,C,D,E

Will also display the pager corresponding to the key service A/B/C(A: order; B: call;C: pay)

Working Mode:

  • Normal mode1: screen display 001-999, sound ‘Dingdong + No.1-999 call’

  • Normal mode2: screen display 001-999, sound ‘No.1-999 call’

  • Area mode: screen display A01-F99, sound ‘Dingdong + A-F area + No.1-99 call’

  • Room mode: screen display 001-999, sound ‘Dingdong + Room1-99 + No.1-9 call’

  • Hospital mode: screen display 001-999, sound ‘Dingdong + Room1-99 + No.1-9 emergency call’

  • 99-channel mode: screen display 01A/B/C-99A/B/C, sound ‘Dingdong + No.1-99 call’ and show the button function A/B/C (A: order, B: call, C: pay)

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Receiver Display Host
Frequency 433MHz
Decoding learning code
With transmitter quantity max 999pcs
Prompt modes Dingdong / Music / English voice report
Letters show A.B.C.D.E.F
Adapter AC 100-240V 50/60Hz, output: DC 9V/1A
Working current <600mA
Standby current <60mA
Size 230 x 160 x 35mm / 9 x 6.3 x 1.3 in
Weight 350g / 0.77lb



Package details

1 Display Receiver

1X T114 display receiver

1X charging plug

1X User manual

3 Display Receivers

3X T114 display receivers

3X charging plugs

1X User manual

Q: How many pieces call button can I use in this display?

A: Max up to 999pcs.

Q: Do you have other color of this call button?

A: Yes, we have the black one, but the mini quantity is 200pcs.

Q: Can you add a watch receiver to the T114 Wireless calling system? 

A: Yes, you can add watch receivers to the T114 wireless calling system. 

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