RETEKESS-TR112 AIR, FM, MW, SW, VHF and WB DSP Digital Display Multi-band Ham Radio

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RETEKESS-TR112 is a DSP digital display multi-band radio supporting APP intelligent remote developed by our company with all efforts.

It supports bands of AIR, FM, MW, SW, VHF and WB, play modes of Bluetooth, TF card and audio input as speaker (3.5MM line-in/connection to computer with USB data AUX-in), connection to computer for use as card reader, 5W high power amplifier, mega bass, flashlight and SOS alarm.

RETEKESS-TR112 is an emergency product for both indoor and outdoor use. With multiple functions and more interesting way of searching channels, this product supports key tuning, pulley and shuttle search, and manual pointer search. Multiple ways of searching channels give you unique use experience

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●product realizes multi-band reception of AIR, FM, MW, SW, VHF and WB through software programming and has high reception sensitivity.

●product supports mobile APP intelligent remote control. (Android and Harmony OS). Within 20m, it realizes close remote control of band switching, mode switching, frequency choosing on numeric keyboard, volume adjustment, channel choosing through frequency, locking, etc, giving users a new use experience.

●product uses advanced audio technology to connect Bluetooth for wireless music play. It supports MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC and TF play up to 256G..

●product has a dual-purpose TYPE-C jack which supports charging and supports connection between this product and computer with USB cable for use as external speaker of audio input..

●product uses 1600mAh lithium battery with long life. 

●In the mode of reception, this product supports digital tuning, manual tuning, pulley search and other ways of search, giving users more fun of use.

●Ways of searching channels of this product: full automatic channel search and automatic channel storage, manual channel storage, and automatic channel search.

●product designs 5 AIR meter waves, 11 SW meter waves and 9 VHF meter waves for quick frequency switching and quick channel taking.

●This product has 4 FM frequencies; AM frequency range changes with FM. With no limit of national boundary, it can be used all over the world.

●In the mode of play, this product can start the marquee and give you wonderful music melody.

●This product provides BASS effect and supports listening with earphone, satisfying the requirements of all users.

●In the play mode of TF card, there are four ways of play for you to choose:

rA (repeat all), rO (repeat one) rF (repeat file), rr (random)

●product supports the function of lock.

●product uses a 1.38 inch screen to display the time, battery status, signal, sleep time and clock symbol.

●products uses 24-hour/12-hour system.

●The off time for sleep can be set: 90-80-70-60-50-40-30-20-10 minutes.

●On timer and clock timer can be set.

●After choosing the on timer, the off time after power on can be set:

10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80-90 & FULL (automatic power off after power on cancel)

●The backlight can be used in the dark.

●In the mode of reception, this product has ultra large memory capacity to memorize 995 channels (FM/VHF/AW/SW/AIR: 199 bands).

● In the play mode of Bluetooth or TF card, this product supports six EQ sound effects:


●This product uses more user-friendly TYPE-C charging jack.

●Power of emergency function: max output power of SOS

alarm: >5W; the power of flashlight: 1W.

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Specifications of the TR112 radio

Receiving range FM: 64-108MHZ
VHF: 30.000-199 975MHZ
MW: 520-1710KHZ
Receiving range
SW:3.20-21 95MHZ
Receiving sensitivity FM_8dB
Quiescent current 10uA
Max current 720mA
Speaker Φ52mm 4Ω 5W
Signal to Noise Ratio FM/VHF: 48dB
MW: 30dB
Number of channels stored 995
Bluetooth version VER 5.0
Bluetooth receiving distance ≤20m
Min working voltage 3.4V
Extermal input voltage DC.5v
Lithium battery 1600mAh 3.7V
Play format of TFcard Support play formats of MP3,WMA, WAV,APE and FLAC
Max capacityof TF card 256G
Product size 101.7x52x118. 5mm
Net weight 359g

Standard Accessories

Name Quantity
RETEKESS TR112 high-performaance alband radio 1
Strap 1
Lithium batter, 1600mAh 3.7V 1
USB TYPE C charging cable 1
Instructions for Use 1
Small screwdriver 1
Packing box 1
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Good but can be better
At first, the size was smaller than expected, and second, after trying numerous times to add stations in memory, I gave up. Thisrd note is that interferences comes through a perfect station while listening. Thought it was my computer, but that was not it after I moved it far from that, so it is susceptible to interference, not much, but it is there. Maybe next version add internet radio to that?
Just Amazing!
Excellent product. You can tell a lot of engineering hours were spend on this device. Looks great and sound amazing. Tons of features. 5 Stars

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