Retekess TR110 FM/MW/SW/LSB/AIR/CB/VHF/UHF Portable Full Band Digital Radio with Alerts NOAA

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Full-band portable radio; MW; FM; SW; CB; UBD; weather band with alert; air band for frequent flyer users; multi-band radio with SSB

Uses state-of-the-art DSP digital demodulation technology

With keypad lock and mute function

Can store up to 1000 stations

With a sleep timer function for turning on at bedtime


Advanced DSP technology

The radio adopts DSP digital signal processing technology to improve the reception sensitivity, selectivity, and anti-mirror interference ability to ensure sensitive and stable signal reception.

Rich functions

TR110 radio has many functions, including WB, ATT, 0-9SQ level, de-emphasis, and adjustable stepping to meet various requirements. AM FM frequency range can be set according to the current country, which can be used all over the world.

Radio station scan and storage

Three station search methods provide the convenience of searching for stations. After automatically scanning and storing available stations, you can also manually search for your favorite radio programs from the pre-stored stations. The radio can store up to 1000 stations.
Note: ATS: Automatic search for stored stations; VM: Manual search for pre-stored stations; VF: Manual search for broadcast stations.

Full-band radio

TR110 is a full band radio: FM, MW, SW, CB, AIR, VHF, UHF, WX, entry-level for radio enthusiasts, auxiliary for off-roaders (VHF/UHF radio reception), flight information for frequent flyers. And shortwave single sideband (USB LSB) gives you a different experience.

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Crystal clear sound

High-quality sound for a more enjoyable and pleasurable listening experience. Plug in your headphones, listen to your favorite stations, and enjoy your personal time. Comes with a pair of in-ear headphones.

2 types of power supply

TR110 radio has a built-in 1000mAh BL5C lithium battery, which can be fully charged in about 3-4 hours and lasts about 7-8 hours. And the battery is replaceable. The actual duration depends on the working frequency.

Weather alert

This feature is best suited for outdoor use, such as picnicking, camping, or yachting.NOAA Forecast: The radio receives 7 weather hazard channels on the WX band and monitors the current weather. The number of weather channels received varies depending on the current area. Alerts will alert you when the weather changes and you will have plenty of time to prepare for emergencies.

Large LED display

LED backlighting makes information clear and easy to notice, especially in dim environments, and the screen displays a large amount of information that makes it easy to identify the current status. An alarm clock and sleep timer can be set. With the sleep timer set, you can fall asleep to slow, calming music without the hassle of turning it off.

External antenna jack

Using the 3.5mm jack, signal reception can be enhanced by connecting an external antenna (not included in the scope of supply). Connect to an external antenna to improve reception of shortwave radios.

Portable, pocket-sized

The radio is compact and lightweight, making it easy to slip into a pocket. In addition, the hand strap and back clip make carrying it more convenient.

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Specifications of the TR110 radio

Frequency Reception Range Sensitivity Demodulation Mode Band Description




 1uv WFW FM Band
AM:520-1710KHZ 1.5mV/M AM MW Band 
SW:3.2.00-30.00MHZ 10uV AM/SSB/LSB SW Band 
CB:25.00-28.00MHZ 10dBuV AM/NFM CITY Band 
AIR:118.00-138.00MHZ 1uv AM AIR Band 
VHF UHF:20.000-520MHZ -9dBuV NFM Wide Frequency Receiver Band (including VHF, UHF)
VHF 30.00-223.00MHZ -9dBuV WFM Wide Frequency Reception VHF Wide Band Reception Band
-9dBuV NFM Amateur Intercom Band
VHF 156.025-163.275MHZ -9dBuV NFM International Maritime Channel
UHF 430.00-520.00MHZ -9dBuV NFM Amateur Intercom Band
WX:162.400-162.550MHZ -9dBuV NFM North American Weather Band NOAA WX
Product Size 111X60X20MM
Power supply lithium battery BL5C 1020mAh 3.7v 3.8WH
Speaker  Ф40MM 8Ω 1W
Headphone output 3.5MM stereo input
External antenna hole 3.5MM

Package Includes

package-of-tr110-radio 1x Storage bag
1x TR110 radio
1x Arm hanging rope
1x IN-EAR headset
1x USB TYPE-C cable
1x BL5C lithium battery

Q: Does it have usb, lsb, rit (clarifier), 12vdc input?
A: This Retekess TR110 Portable SSB Radio is not a usb port but a type-c port. Retekess TR110 Radio has lsb. Retekess TR110 Radio doesn't have rit (clarifier). Retekess TR110 Radio is 12vdc input.

Q: What is the Frequency coverage? Is it continuous?
A: The Retekess TR110 Portable Radio is a full band radio. Here is the frequency range corresponding to each band.
FM: 88-108MHZ, AM: 540-1700KHZ,SW:3.200-30.00MHZ, AIR:118.00-137.00MHZ,CB: 26.965-27.405MHZ, MW: 540-1700HZ,WX:162.400-162.550MHZ .

Q: Can it be powered by an external source such as a wall wart?
A: The Retekess TR110 Radio can be powered by an external power source such as a wall wart.The TR110 radio is charged by the USB Type-C interface, the support voltage is 3.7V, and the maximum current is 1000mA.

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Johan le Roux
Still waiting
Unfortunately my first order was cancelled by Retekess (the shippers?). Retekess immediately responded to resend the order. So, still waiting for my Retekess TR-110 in anticipation.
Great Service
The radio in itself is quite awesome, being a pocket portable all band with SSB. Then, if you need need help with with something, the support team is there to take care of you! Quite happy with my purchase.
Robert Kolin
Lots to offer in such a small package
I am fairly new to shortwave radio and I must say that this is one packed radio! It's perfect to keep in an emergency kit, but it's also fun to listen in on what's happening around the world. I like that it has the WX and air bands in addition to MW/FM/SW/SSB. The unit has sleep timer and alarm functions, as well. (It also has CB/VHF/UHF, but I have yet to pull in anything on those bands.) A hanging rope antenna is included, along with the rechargeable battery, carrying pouch, earbuds, wrist strap; and I'm glad to see a USB-C charging cable. The user manual is very detailed, although the print is quite small. Reception is pretty darn good for such a small profile. The Step function is also nice to have to allow fine tuning of frequencies. The only negative I have so far is that when using earbuds, an annoying popping noise occurs when changing bands. This is not evident when NOT using the earbuds. Overall, this is a great little radio. It offers a lot and the price is affordable. I highly recommend it to the SW radio enthusiast and general radio listeners as an addition to your radio collection.
Fast delivery to the UK. Great service.
Radio arrived in UK within about a week. No customs fees. Radio has lots of features so will take some study. Great service from Retekess.
Good attempt
A neat little radio, very sensitive on VHF wx band. good FM reception. USB to type C (5v) charging
Radio molto bella. Compatta e completa.
Sono contento dell'acquisto di questa radio. È molto divertente e facile da usare.
Radio Retekess
Hi everybody . I bought this radio from the official website of Retekess. I am very pleased with them. Compact and simple. Works great. I recommend to buy you will not regret it.
Radio Retekess
Hi everybody . I bought this radio from the official website of Retekess. I am very pleased with them. Compact and simple. Works great. I recommend to buy you will not regret it.

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