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Retekess T130P T131P Audio Tour Equipment for Tourist Attractions T130 T130S Upgraded Version with 16-slot Charging Base

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Working range up to 160 m

Support one-key frequency pairing, one-key shutdown receivers, saving a lot of time

One key mute transmitter allows to pause the audio transmission.

Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, 20 hours working time for transmitter and 36 hours for receiver.

Noise reduction level 1-4 adjustable, according to the environmental noise level can be flexibly selected noise reduction level.

This Audio Tour Guide System Includes:
- 1 transmitters (with mic)
- 15 receivers (with  earpieces)
- 1 16-slot charging base
- 1 free headset microphone

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T130P audio tour equipment is an upgrade to the most popular T130, T130P, which adds noise cancellation, changes to Type-C charging or contact charging, improves communication range and battery runtime, and remains cost-effective!


Efficient charging base

The T130P audio tour guide system is equipped with a 16-slot charging dock that allows for simultaneous charging of multiple devices. The dock supports contact charging, eliminating the hassle of aligning and plugging in devices one by one, making charging easy and convenient.

Extended range

Tour guide headsets have a coverage range of up to 160 meters in open areas, allowing guides and tourists to maintain seamless communication and connectivity even at large attractions, historic sites or when members are dispersed, enhancing the overall tour experience.  

Long-lasting battery life

The T130P wireless audio guide system features a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that allows the transmitter to operate for up to 20 hours on a single charge and the receiver to operate for up to 36 hours. This extended battery life allows for uninterrupted use throughout the day, making it ideal for all-day tours or long-distance travel without the need for frequent recharging.

One-touch mute on the transmitter

Simply click the mute button on the transmitter to pause the audio transmission. This is useful in situations where the guide needs to communicate privately or take a short break. Participants will not hear anything during the mute period. Click the mute button again to return to voice transmission mode.

Automatic pairing and channel memory

The Museum audio tour equipment has a convenient automatic channel synchronization feature. This simplifies the pairing process between transmitter and receiver, eliminating the need to spend time adjusting channels one by one. Once paired, the Whisper Radio Tour System automatically remembers the previously paired channels, meaning there is no need to re-pair each time the unit is used.

Turn off all receivers with one click

When you have multiple receivers, it can be time-consuming to turn them off one by one when the event is over. Simply press and hold the transmitter "-" button for approximately 5 seconds and all receivers will be turned off at the same time, allowing guides to easily and efficiently manage their devices at the end of the tour.

Customizable noise reduction levels

The T130P tour guide equipment utilizes advanced noise reduction technology with adjustable levels (1-4). This flexibility allows the system to effectively filter out background noise, providing a clear, seamless listening experience for tourists in noisy environments such as crowded tourist attractions.


Simultaneous AUX input and MIC input

The T130S transmitter not only supports connecting a microphone input, but also allows tour guides to connect external audio devices, such as MP3 players, computers, or smartphones, via the AUX port to play prerecorded audio or music files for tourists or spectators.

49 channels

A wide range of channels provides guides with plenty of options to help them find clear, interference-free frequencies for optimal audio transmission during the tour.

Volume adjustable and comfortable headset

The receiver offers 10 levels of adjustable volume so visitors can personalize their listening experience to their hearing and surroundings. In addition, the receiver's headphones are designed to be worn in both the left and right ear.

Automatic power saving feature

To conserve battery life, the receiver automatically shuts off after 20 minutes of no signal, helping to extend the life of the device and reduce the need for manual intervention.

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Specifications of Retekess T130P T131P Tour Guide System

T130P Transmitter T131P Receiver
Carrier Frequency 195-216MHz Carrier Frequency 195-216MHz
Number of channels 49CH Number of channels 49CH
Operating voltage DC 3.7V Operating voltage DC 3.7V
Transmitter output power 18dBm
Audio Input/Microphone Input 3.5mm Audio Input 3.5mm line
Frequency Response Range 50-18000Hz Frequency Response Range 50-18000Hz
signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) 80dB (Typical) signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) 80dB (Typical)
mirror image rejection ratio ≥ 90dB mirror image rejection ratio ≥ 90dB
Distortion <0.3% Distortion <0.3%
effective working range 160 meters (open) effective working range 160 meters (open)
Battery capacity 4200mAh Battery capacity 1200mAh
Working hours about 20 hours Working hours about 36 hours
Transmitter weight 140g / 0.3lb Transmitter weight 49g / 0.11lb
Size 205 x 60 x 20mm / 8 x 2.3 x 0.7 in Size  83x 42 x 12mm / 3.3 x 1.6 x 0.5 in
TT027 16-slot charging base
Output DC5.2V
 Size 140*200*30mm
 Weight 0.4kg
Color black
Matching models T130P-T131P

Package List

Lavalier microphone*1
Headset microphone*1
D shaped earpiece*15
USB charging cable*16
User manual*1
16 slot charging base*1

Q: What is the warranty policy for this T130S T131S tour guide system?
A: All models of Retekess tour guide systems support 30-day no-reason returns and a two-year warranty.

Q: I need more receivers, and there is no combination I want here what do I do?
A: Click to buy more receivers, and if you can't find the combination you want on the website, please contact us and our customer service team will help you within 1 business day.

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