TD029 Black Keypad Transmitter

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Power source: 12V/1A

Frequency: AM 433.92MHZ 

Display: 4-digit 0.56-inch digital tube

Key mode: capacitive touch, support one key call

Working distance: 400m/1312ft

Dimension: 159×97×38mm 

TD029 keypad and TD112 watch pager together can be used in the kitchen and waiter communication paging system TD154

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TD029 Keypad Transmitter Usage Scene:

TD029 transmitting keypad and TD112 watch pager together can solve the problem of communication between staff and staff, if this staff paging system is used in the kitchen, when the chef is ready to cook, he can call the waiter through the transmitting keypad to send the meal to the customer's table, no need to shout in the kitchen, and can achieve the effect of timely communication, and also for the restaurant creates a good atmosphere.TD029 keypad with TD112 watch pager using in kitchen

Problems Can be Solved by Using the TD029 Keypad Together with TD112 Watch Pager:

1. Loud calls to waiters in the kitchen affect other customers' meals

2. Confusion in internal staff management when busy, communication efficiency is too low, affecting work efficiency

The Benefits of Using TD029 Keypad and TD112 Watch Pager Together:

1. Improve the efficiency of serving food in the kitchen and increase customer satisfaction

2. Quick response, improve service quality, save labor cost and enhance work efficiency

3. Humanized service and management, simplify the process

TD029 Keypad  Functional Dscription:

Keypad Serial Number could be selected from 01-50, "FFF" means that the Keypad Serial Number is not registered and can be paired ), Press the corresponding Pager ID number on the keypad, and the watch pager will vibrate and shows OK on the display, the “FFF” will be changed to the Keypad ID. This pairing operation is completed.

NOTE: The user needs to pair the keypad with the watch pager before using them, otherwise, the keypad will not be able to page the watch pager.

Call Function (1-12)

In the Call Mode, press the Number key can page the corresponding watch pager. The number flashes on the screen at the same time.

If you need to page the watch pagers with ID from 13 to 999:

1. In the Call Mode, press the “PGR” button to enter the combined numerical call state, P.0 is displayed on the screen.

2. Enter the desired number through the keypad (1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 are the valid keys, 10 represents 0).

3. Press the “CALL” button to confirm, that the corresponding watch pager within the effective distance will receive the call.

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TD029 Transmitting keypad

Transmitting frequency

AM 433MHz

Modulation method



DC 12V/1A

Standby power consumption


Rated power


Shell material




Q: Which product can be used with the TD029 keypad?

A: The TD029 keypad can be used with the TD112 watch pager for staff-to-staff calls and can be used in the kitchen.

Q: Where to watch a video on the operation of the TD029 keypad?

A: The official Retekess YouTube channel can be viewed by opening YouTube and searching for "Retekess".

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