Retekess TD112 Watch Matched TD034 Review Button for Restaurant Customer Comment Collection Paging System

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Real-time notification system helps managers respond quickly to feedback, comments, and suggestions

Prompt service improvements, customer satisfaction, and loyalty

Watch's efficiency saves time and effort, Managers can focus on other important tasks

The working distance of this combination is 40-80 meters/ 131-262ft, which meets the distance requirements of medium and large restaurants

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Managers can swiftly respond to customer feedback, comments, and suggestions through the real-time notification system, which prompts immediate action to address concerns and bring enhancements. This effective process leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty, made possible by the watch's efficiency, and freeing managers to concentrate on other critical tasks. To improve their customer service and reputation, Retekess TD112+TD034 Restaurant Customer Comment Collection Paging System is a valuable investment for restaurants.

Retekess TD112 notification watch is a helpful tool for restaurant managers to process reviews quickly.

With its real-time notification system, managers can quickly respond to customers' feedback, comments, and suggestions. This allows the managers to address concerns and make improvements promptly, leading to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, the watch's efficiency saves time and effort, enabling managers to focus on other important tasks. Overall, Retekess TD112 Notification Watch is a useful investment for restaurants looking to improve their customer service and reputation.

Features of TD112 TD034 Service Review Collection System

Appearance and Size of the watch and button

48*25*15mm / 1.89*0.98*0.59 in  70*70*16mm/2.76*2.76*0.63inch

Working Range

The match between TD112 pager watch and TD034 comment button offers a working distance of 40-80m/131-262ft.

Support 7 Languages Setting

English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, French, and German

2 Prompt Ways

TD112 pager watch provides two reminder methods, including vibration and display.

Name ID Setting

The name ID could be set from 001-999, the name could be set with A~Z, a~z and space, the name up to 10 characters.

The time interval for receiving signals can be set

Only receive 1 call within the set time, avoiding random calls from children

Battery and Standby Time

The stand-by time of the rechargeable battery is 72 hours, and it can be fully charged in 2-3 hours. The watch can handle over 1000 calls a day and can be used for 2-3 days. The screen includes a power reminder. The watch is magnetically charged and does not require a conversion head.

Add More Buttons as Your Need

More buttons can be added as needed. The TD034 evaluator extensions can be added to the watch, up to 500 buttons.

PC Software Setting

The watch can be connected to a computer and settings can be adjusted through PC software, with no monthly fee required. If you want to call the TD112 watch on a PC, you need to buy the TD030 USB transmitter. The screen will display the evaluation content, including words such as perfect, good, average, and bad.

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This technology can be used for service rating in restaurants, hotels, SPA halls, swimming pools, and public places.

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TD034 Customer Review Button

TD112 Notification Watch

Operating frequency 433MHz

Communication frequency


Wireless coding 1527

Reception sensitivity


Operating voltage DC12V (battery 23A12V)

Battery Capacity


Indicator light red

Prompt Length


Range 80m/262ft (open area)

Number of Stored Messages


Size 70*70*16mm/2.76*2.76*0.63inch

Standby Time


Key Name 4 buttons-Perfect, Good, Average, Poor



Color options White

Display Screen


Shell material




Q: How many service comment buttons can a watch match at most?

A: Please choose the quantity according to your needs, up to 500 buttons can be added.

Q: Can the watch be paired with other buttons or keyboards and TD034 review button?

A: Yes. It matches well. TD112 watch can accept service calls and accept feedback reminders.

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