Retekess TD112 Notification Watch Customer Review Comment Version for Restaurant, Hotel, Business

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TD112 IPX7 waterproof and can be paired with various models of Retekess call buttons

Good helper to collect the review from customers and improve service quality

Suitble for restaurant manager to admin the customer service and deal with bad comments

Updated version, compatible with keypads and buttons, especially the TD034 customer reviews button

Support PC software setting and calling, convient to manage restaurant staff


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TD112 customer review service comment version

Retekess TD112 notification watch is a helpful tool for restaurant managers to process reviews quickly.

With its real-time notification system, managers can quickly respond to customers' feedback, comments, and suggestions. This allows the managers to address concerns and make improvements promptly, leading to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, the watch's efficiency saves time and effort, enabling managers to focus on other important tasks. Overall, Retekess TD112 Notification Watch is a useful investment for restaurants looking to improve their customer service and reputation.

Features of TD112 Notification Watch

Working Distance

Matched with TD034: 40-80m/131-262ft

Support 7 Languages Setting

English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, French, and German

2 Reminder Methods

2 reminder methods in TD112 pager watch: vibration/number flashes on the display.

Name ID Setting

The name ID can be set from 0001 to 9999, characters A~Z can be set, and numbers 0~9 can be added. The name can be up to 10 characters.

The Time Interval for Receiving Signals Can be Set

Only receive 1 call within the set time, avoiding random calls from children

Charging and Battery

The battery is non-replaceable and rechargeable; the standby time is 72 hours;

It is fully charged in 2-3 hours, and the screen has a power reminder. 1000+ calls a day, can be used for 2-3 days

The watch is magnetically charged and does not include a conversion head

More Buttons can be Added As Needed

Can add more TD034 evaluator extensions, up to 500 buttons

PC Software Setting and Calling

Can be connected to a computer, Setting by PC software (No monthly fee) If you need to call TD112 watch on PC, please buy the TD030 USB transmitter

Review Content is Displayed on the Screen

The display of the call is perfect good average bad evaluation words


Sanitation evaluation of restaurants, hotels, SPA halls, swimming pools and public places

Other features:

TD112 watch can be used with TD034 customer service comment button, and the on-duty staff can deal with bad reviews as soon as possible to speed up the response.

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TD112 Notification Watch

Communication frequency


Reception sensitivity


Battery Capacity


Prompt Length


Number of Stored Messages


Standby Time




Display Screen


Shell material




Package Includes:

Quantity Optional Package Details 
2 Watches 2 X TD112 watches, 2 X charging cables, 1 x user mannual
3 Watches 3 X TD112 watches, 3 X charging cables, 1 x user mannual
5 Watches 5 X TD112 watches, 5 X charging cables, 1 x user mannual

Q: What is the charging time of the watch pager?

A: Our door is equipped with a fast special charging clip, full in just 3 hours.

Q: What's the prompt mode of pager watch receiver TD112?

A: It has only 1 mode, that is vibration and display number on the screen. It has no beep. 

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The Retekess TD112 Notification Watch is awesome! You can pair it with a keypad to call waiters in the kitchen or use a call button for customers to call a waiter. The signal sensitivity is impressive, and it's super comfy on the wrist. I'm loving its performance and functionality. Highly satisfied!
The TD112 waterproof comment receiver is a fantastic tool for gathering customer reviews and enhancing service quality. It is particularly useful for our restaurant managers who need to oversee customer service and address negative feedback. Great.

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