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TT019 Universal Disposable Earpiece In-Ear Single-Sided Earphones 3.5 mm Audio Jack for Tour Guide Receiver

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Disposable headset for retekess T131, T131S, TT122, TT109, TT110, TT101, TT104 ,TT116 wireless tour guide systems

The single-sided headset allows users to safely keep one ear open to surrounding activity while listening to audio

Can be worn in both the left and right ear, and is suitable for people with hearing loss in one ear

Thicker cable for durability; sleek and stylish appearance; earbuds fit comfortably

Cable length is 600mm/23.62in

Provides crystal clear sound

3.5 mm audio jack

Clean and hygienic disposable headset

During the pandemic, visitors are more conscious of the hygiene and safety of the products they touch, and these disposable headphones are affordable and comfortable to wear, giving you maximum visitor satisfaction at minimal cost.

Thicker and longer cable

The length of the disposable headset is 600 mm, which means visitors can put the receiver in their pants or jacket pocket while listening, or hang it around their neck with the included lanyard, without worrying about the connection being broken or uncomfortable due to the short length of the headset cable.

Crystal clear sound

Compared to headphones that can be reused multiple times, the sound quality of these disposable headphones is not inferior. Your visitors won't hear background noise or static, and they can focus on the content of the message delivered by the presenter.

Single-ear disposable headphones

The advantage of a single-sided headset over a double-sided headset is that it is safer, it does not completely isolate the visitor from the outside environment, and if there is a fast-moving car or other urgent matter behind the visitor, he can hear and avoid it in time to protect himself.

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Retekess TT019 Universal Disposable Earpiece Specification

Plug 3.5mm
Length 600mm/23.62in

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