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Retekess TT101 Wireless Tour Guide System

SKU: F9447A-F9448A

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TT101 Wireless Tour Guide System is easy to use

Advanced PLL frequency synthesis technology

One click to turn off all receivers

Frequency range: 195-230MHz 

Transmitter mute function

One-click auto-pairing

99 channels

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The Retekess Wireless Tour Guide System is a portable, long-range wireless system for transmitting information from the presenter to the audience. The presenter speaks into the wireless transmitter and the audience uses a portable receiver to listen to the information.


Large battery capacity

The transmitter and receiver have built-in 1200mAh rechargeable upgraded lithium battery, the receiver works for over 40 hours and the transmitter works for 20 hours on a full charge. z This is enough for any tour event, you don't have to worry about delaying the event because the device is out of power.

Manual pairing and automatic pairing

TT101 tour guide system has two pairing methods. If you have many receivers, auto pairing can achieve fast synchronization of transmitter and receiver in 4 seconds, which will avoid unnecessary trouble for you.

Transmitter mute function

In the pairing state, press the power button to turn on the mute, the screen will show the mute icon, then the listener can't hear any sound from the transmitter. If the narrator has some words he doesn't want the listener to hear, he doesn't have to bother turning off the device and turning it on again.

Turn off all receivers with one click

When the event is over, you just need to long press the transmitter power button, all the receivers on the same channel with that transmitter will turn off automatically, you don't need to spend time to turn off one by one.

Long working distance

The working distance of this tour guide audio system is up to about 80m (265ft) in the open area, visitors can stay within 80m from the guide to take photos or enjoy the scenery without following closely to the tour guide.

retekess TT101  TT102 TOUR GUDEI SYSTEM.jpg

Thoughtful design

The lavalier microphone and in-ear headset fit comfortably and firmly.

Indicators on the transmitter and receiver provide convenient visual indication of charging status.

The receiver has 10 levels of volume, so listeners can freely adjust the volume they want at the receiver.

The microphone cable and headphone cable are up to 1 meter long, which allows you to easily carry the transmitter or receiver in your shirt or pants pocket.

Both round charging slot and flat USB port are available for easy charging via the charging case or your own USB charging cable (standard flat round USB cable)

Note: Charging case and USB cable are not included in our package.

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Frequency Range: 195 – 230 MHz 

Channel: 99 

Voltage: DC3.7V 

Battery: Built-in 1200mAh lithium batteries 

Transmitter Working Time: About 20 hours 

Frequency response: 50-18000Hz 

Degree of distortion: < 0.2% 

Noise-signal ratio: ≥90Db 

Distance: ≤80m 

Charging time: 5-6 hours

Packing list: 

1 x TT101 Transmitter 

1 x Microphone 

3 x TT102 receiver 

3 x Earphone 

4 x USB cable 

4 x Lanyard 

1 x User manual

Q: How many receivers can i use in one group?

A: There no limit on the quantity in one group, you can set the receivers with the same frequency as the transmitter.

In the working distance, they will work.

Q: How many channels does your gutter system have?

A: There are 99 channels.

Q: Can I use this tour guide system in my country?

A: It is 195MHZ-230MHZ, but with lower power.

Q: What is included in the parcel?

A:Based on the quantity that you choose

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