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Retekess TT126 Equestrian Two Way Radios for Horse Riding Training Instruction

SKU: F9651A-F9651B

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Two-way intercom for group communication

Transmission range 280m/919ft

One button to mute receivers

One button to mute the transmitter

Automatic pairing

Equestrian wireless communication systems provide a reliable and efficient means of communication for equestrian training, which helps trainers and riders optimize their training experience and achieve better results in a variety of equestrian disciplines.


Two-way talkback

TT126 wireless communication devices allow instructors and riders to interact in real-time. It allows the trainer to provide instructions and feedback to the rider and also allows the rider to ask questions or request help from the coach. Two-way communication enhances the rider's learning experience and learning outcomes by immediately communicating necessary adjustments or corrections.

Mute receiver

By clicking the Mute button and Mic button of the transmitter, the receiver will be disabled. At this point, the trainer or instructor can provide instructions or explanations to the rider or student and the rider is unable to respond. This is useful in situations where the trainer wishes to give instructions without interference.

Compatible with equestrian helmets

The use of a wireless communication system does not interfere at all with the rider's wear of the helmet, a feature that is essential for the rider's safety during equestrian training.

Lanyard and clip

Both the transmitter and receiver are equipped with a lanyard and back clip. The lanyard helps prevent accidental dropping of the device, while the clip attaches securely to a belt or waistband for hands-free operation. This ensures that the rider can fully concentrate on training, enhancing safety and convenience during horseback riding.

Long transmission distance

equestrian wireless communication systems have a transmission distance of approximately 280 meters/919 feet in the open air. This extended range ensures that riders and trainers can maintain clear, uninterrupted communication even when they are far apart in the training arena.

Mute transmitter

The one-touch mute transmitter feature allows the transmitter to immediately abort sound transmission. This is useful in situations where the trainer needs to take a break or needs to temporarily pause communication without having to shut down the system.

Long battery life

Equestrian communication systems can be used for up to 10 hours of continuous use for the transmitter and 10 to 70 hours of continuous use for the receiver when fully charged. This ensures that coaches and riders can communicate uninterruptedly during long training sessions or events without worrying about the need for frequent recharging.

Line in & Line out

In addition to the microphone input, the transmitter also supports audio input, which means that pre-recorded instructional audio or music files can be transferred to the receiver to enhance the training experience. The receiver can be connected to 3.5mm headphones for listening, in addition to audio devices for sound playback, providing more flexibility in utilizing audio.

Type-C charging port

TT126 coach to rider radio is equipped with a Type-C charging port, a widely adopted charging standard that ensures compatibility with a wide range of charging devices.

12/25 channels

The European version has 12 selectable channels and the US version has 25 selectable channels. Multiple channels allow multiple groups to be run in the same area (different groups use different channels) without interfering with each other.

OLED display

The wireless equestrian instruction system has a clear, two-color display that provides information on signal, power, channel, volume, and more, showing all operations without having to turn the page.

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TT126 Equestrian Two Way Radios Specifications

Master (Transmitter)

Slave (Receiver)

Operating frequency range

European version: 823-832/863-865MHz

US version: 902-928MHz 

Operating frequency range

European version: 823-832/863-865MHz

US version: 902-928MHz 

Number of channels

European version: 12 channels

US version: 25 channels

Number of channels

European version: 12 channels

US version: 25 channels

Operating temperature -10 degrees to 50 degrees Operating temperature -10 degrees to 50 degrees
Transmit power 25dBm(max)


Signal-to-noise ratio ≥70dB Frequency response range 20Hz-5KHz
Frequency response range 20Hz-5KHz Charging time 5-6 hours
Charging time 5-6 hours Charging current 500mA
Charging current 500mA Working time 10H-70H
Working time 10H Receiving distance 250 meters in the open visual environment
Transmitting distance 250 meters in the open visual environment Battery capacity 2500mA lithium battery
Battery capacity 2500mA lithium battery Charging method TYPE-C/charging case
Charging method TYPE-C/charging case

Package Include

Package Package List

1 x Transmitter

1 x Receiver
2 x headset
2 x Strap
2 x USB recharging cable
1 x User’s manual

1 x Transmitter

2 x Receiver
3 x headset
3 x Strap
3 x USB recharging cable
1 x User’s manual

1 x Transmitter

3 x Receiver
4 x headset
4 x Strap
4 x USB recharging cable
1 x User’s manual

1 x Transmitter

4 x Receiver
5 x headset
5 x Strap
5 x USB recharging cable
1 x User’s manual

Q: Can I connect more receivers for use?

A: Of course, the transmitter can pair with any number of receivers and work together, if you need more receivers, please contact us.

Q: What is the warranty for the equestrian wireless training system?

A: We offer a 30-day no-reason return and a 2-year warranty, so you can try it with confidence.

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