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Retekess TT126 Vice Transmitter Wireless Receiver for 2-way Tour Guide System

SKU: F9651B

Regular price $999.00

TT126 receiver is part of the two-way tour guide system and it needs to be used in conjunction with the TT126 transmitter.

No signal for 20 minutes the receiver will shut down automatically

Type-C charging port

Receiver can work for 10-70 hours

Communication range with transmitter up to 280m/919ft

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TT126 transmitter and TT126 receiver form a two-way tour guide system designed to enable real-time interaction and seamless communication between tour guides and participants.

- The receiver comes with a lanyard and a back clip, the lanyard helps you hang it around your neck and free your hands, or you can use the back clip to attach it to your clothes or belt.

- The European version of the receiver has 12 channels and the US version has 25 channels. When multiple groups are operating simultaneously in the same area, each group can be assigned a different channel, preventing confusion or audio interference between groups.

- The transmitter can connect an unlimited number of receivers and work together, so you are free to increase or decrease the number of receivers depending on the size of your group.

- The TT126's microphone gain can be adjusted from 1 to 7 levels, allowing you to control the sensitivity of the microphone according to your surroundings, ensuring that everyone in your group is heard clearly, regardless of the surrounding noise.

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TT126 2-way tour guide system receiver specifications

Vice transmitter

Operating frequency range

European version: 823-832/863-865MHz

US version: 902-928MHz 

Number of channels

European version: 12 channels

US version: 25 channels

Operating temperature -10 degrees to 50 degrees


Frequency response range 20Hz-5KHz
Charging time 5-6 hours
Charging current 500mA
Working time 10H-70H
Receiving distance 250 meters in the open visual environment
Battery capacity 2500mA lithium battery
Charging method TYPE-C/charging case

Package Include

Package Package List
1 PCS 1x receiver; 1xheadset; 1xlanyard;1xUSB charging cable; 1x user manual
6 PCS 6x receiver; 6xheadset; 6xlanyard;6xUSB charging cable; 1x user manual
10 PCS 10x receiver; 10xheadset; 10xlanyard;10xUSB charging cable; 1x user manual
15 PCS 15x receiver; 15xheadset; 15xlanyard;15xUSB charging cable; 1x user manual

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A: Please contact us and our customer service team will tell you how to place your order.

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