Retekess TR506 Portable FM Transmitter Long Range

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Retekess TR506 fm transmitter adjustable power (0.01mW/10mW/100mW/200mW)

If you are looking for an fm transmitter that is small in size and lightweight, then this TR506 portable fm transmitter adjustable power is right up your alley. Due to its compact size, it is also very comfortable for you.

FM transmitter
Frequency range: 76-108MHz
0.2W portable FM transmitter with 4-level power-adjustable;0.01mW; 10mW; 100mW;200mW and 10m; 50m; 100m; 200m transmission distance in the open air
The transmitter can work with countless fm receivers . It works 80-120M in the normal use where has many obstacles.

Music Player
Support microphone and Audio input to play music, you can convert the audio signals in various portable audio and video players such as Discman, MD, MP3 (including Apple iPod) into high fidelity wireless FM stereo signals.
You can also enjoy stereo music when a car or home radio is the receiving object. 

Rechargeable Lithium Battery
The low power FM transmitter equipped with a 1000mAh BL-5C Li-ion battery.
Charging time for about 5 hours, charging voltage 5V
Working time for 16 hours(0.01mW); 10 hours(10mW); 8 hours(100mW); 5 hours(200mW

Many applications
The tour guide, school, church, interpretation company, driving school, multilingual school, scenic 

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Model Number: TR506

Frequency range: 76-108MHz

Power supply: BL-5C Li-ion Battery 3.7V 1000mAh

Frequency stability: ±10PPM

Stepped - Frequency: 100KHz

Emission power: (1/2/3/4 power)


Reference distance: (1/2/3/4 power)


Duration of the voyage: (1/2/3/4 power)

16 hours/10 hours/8 hours/5 hours

Charging time: About 5 hours

charging voltage: 5V

Stray and Harmonic Radiation:≤-30dB

Audio distortion:≤0.2%

Frequency response:50Hz~15000Hz

Input level:≤-15 dBV

Modulation frequency offset: ±75KHZ

SRN: ≥60 dB

Host Size: 82*60*22mm (No salient part)

Machine weight: About 67 grams (without batteries)

FM antenna: Anti-screw direction

Car charger: With IC protection

Lavaliere microphone: Stereo,gold plating,1.2 meters with shielding function.

Audio cable: 3.5 male to male

USB cable: USB to T port (MINI)

Package Includes:

1 X TR506 Transmitter
1 X FM antenna
1 X Li-on battery
1 X Car charger
1 X Lavaliere microphone
1 X Audio cable
1 X USB cable

Mini FM transmitter with 0.57lb; 7.1 X 4.8 X 2.1 inch size; easy to put in your hand or pocket; portable fm transmitter for a tour guide; church; interpretation; school etc.

4-level power-adjustable fm transmitter; 0.01mW; 10mW; 100mW;200mW and 10m; 100m; 300m; 400m transmission distance in the open air

Easy to operate; 10 level volume adjustment; Support one-click locking and one-click unlocking; Broadcast music support AUX and microphone input

Portable FM transmitter is a mini radio station; which can convert the audio signals in various portable audio and video players into high fidelity wireless FM stereo signals

TR506 low power FM transmitter operated by 1000mAh BL-5C lithium battery; charging time for 5 hours; long working time for using

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