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TR502 Bluetooth FM Broadcast Transmitter for Drive-in Church Service

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Retekess TR502 FM Transmitter 8-level RF power-adjustable

FM broadcast transmitter for drive-in service

TR502 FM transmitter supports MIC/AUX /U-disk/Bluetooth Audio Input

PC control

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The TR502 Bluetooth FM transmitter

8-level RF power-adjustable, 1/4 wavelength of strong magnetic sucker antenna, easy to move the antenna to the outside, the roof, balcony, or window, more effective transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves

TR502 FM Transmitter supports multi ways of audio input 

You can use Bluetooth to connect mobile phones, using audio line to connect tablets, PC and other devices; U disk play function, support lossless format

FLAC/WAV, compatible with a variety of other commonly used formats, the wireless microphone could work directly with the FM transmitter. You could

also connect the mixer to broadcast the audio information as well

FM broadcast transmitter with Mono and Stereo options

Frequency Range FM:88~108MHz. I would very much recommend this unit for any hobby broadcaster who's serious about broadcasting a clean signal

and desires a turnkey solution to getting it on the air. Its footprint is very small, it's easy to set up & break down, and sounds great on the air

Strong signal and crystal clear sound FM transmitter

Designed with advanced modulation system and built-in PLL frequency, audio pre-emphasis, limiter, and low-pass filter circuit, which support a strong

clear signal for long-distance. With a high gain antenna, it can easily broadcast anywhere

Heat dissipation noise-free FM radio station

Using a high-quality dual ball bearing fan, reasonable heat dissipation channels. When the temperature is too hot, the display will show a temperature

alarm; meanwhile, the machine will start to sound the di-di voice alarm

FM transmitter is widely used in a variety of industries

Campus radio, supermarkets, churches, Christmas light show, theaters, farms, factories notice, education and training, scenic broadcasting, corporate

meetings, automobile cinema, outdoor team contact (received through the car FM radio), or creates your own radio station


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FM Transmitter

Frequency range: FM:88~108MHz

Frequency step: 100Khz

Frequency stability: ±10PPM

Frequency stabilization method: PLL

Harmonics, noise radiation: ≤-50dB

Output impedance: 50Ω

Pre-emphasis: 75us

Audio distortion: 0.3%

Bluetooth distance: about 5m

Frequency response: 50Hz~15000Hz

Separation: ≥30dB

Frequency modulation: ±75KHZ

SNR: ≥60 dB

Antenna connector type: TNC

Operating temperature: -10℃~45℃

Transmitter size: 144 x 100 x 59mm

Transmitter weight: 545 g


Connector type: TNC

Gain: 2.15dB

Impedance: 50Ω

Maximum stretch length: 1150mm (3.77 ft)

Shortest contraction length: 210mm(0.69 ft)

Feeder length: 5m (16.4 ft)

Power Supply

Input voltage: 100~240V 50/60Hz

Output power: DC 12V 3A

Package Includes:
1 x TR502 FM Transmitter
1 x Power Adapter (Please tell us which type of plug do you need)
1 x Telescopic Antenna
1 x Audio Line
1 x User Manual

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