T111 Long Range Guest Pager System Restaurant Cafe

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2-3 hours charging time, can work about 8 hours, Reach 800m in open area and about 150-500m in buildings, Widely used in restaurants, food truck, coffee shop, church nurseries, logistic centers, hospital, 4S shop, text center, card tournament, and so on.

wireless paging system

Retekess T111 long range wireless paging system

Lanyard hole design on top of each pager, you can hang the pager on the wall or somewhere around the table, thus reduce pager loss effectively

Convenient for both the guests and waiters to see it, then they can do their job well without worrying customers miss their food, also customer enjoys their meal; Note: String is not included in our package.

Keyboard Button Transmitter

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Longer Working distance

Built-in professional pager chip makes the working distance is about 1000m or 3280ft in the open area, even can use this pager system in a church with brick walls.

No interference, more strong signal

RF wireless technology with millions of different learning codes(AM) supports independent storage memory avoiding data lost; -107dBm high receive sensitivity.

Copper wire antenna for keyboard transmitter button

Copper wire antenna offers more stable signal; Built-in code, no strings between each other, so you can use 2 same models in one room 3 Prompt modes.

Portable Pagers

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3 prompt modes, turn off buzzing support

3 Prompt Modes; Vibration or Buzzer or Vibration+Buzzer; each mode is accompanied by the LED flashing

You can set the pager to vibrate only without beep, suitable for a quiet places, such as Test Center, Hospital & Clinic, Cafe, Cathedral, Nursing Home, etc

Show unique logo, advertise for your brand

Take out the transparent plastic cover in the front of the receiver by pushing up from the lower part, then put a number paper into the recessed paper slot; finally, put back the cover

If you are worried about pager lost you can place a logo like 'take me to reception when Vibration/buzzing/flash' for the reminder, it is easy for customers to see it

Rechargeable lithium battery for each beeper

Rechargeable 360mAh lithium battery for each pager and 20 battery charging slots for transmitter key button, provide power whenever you put the pager on the base.

Coaster pager has 24 hours of continuous scanning, and 36h standby (working time depends on the frequency of calls); low battery indicator; charging indicator keep smooth working without any delay

Suitable for Various Places

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Keypad Transmitter
Frequency 433.92MHz
Working voltage DC 5V/6A power adapter
Adapter AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Size:11.8 x 5.9 x 1.3in
Weight 1.8lb

Pager Receiver
Frequency 433.92MHz
Receive sensitivity -107dBm
Decoder Learning code(AM)
Standby current 10mA
Working current 75mA (vibration)
Charging voltage DC 5V
Size 3.9x1.9 x 0.4 in

Package detail

  • 1 x Keypad transmitter

  • 20 x Pagers

  • 1 x Power adaptor

  • 1 x Antenna

  • 1 x English manual

Q: What is the working range for the T111?

A: It can reach up to 800M in the open arean, in the buildings i can reach up to about 400M.

Q: How many pieces pagers does the guest paging system included?

A: For the T111, it only supports 20 pieces. But for T112, it suports 999 pagers

Q: Can i use the keypad transmitters to call the same pager?

A: Yes, you can.

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