T112 Wireless Guest Pager System Support Up to 999 Pagers

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3 alert modes

Free to customize the sticker on the pager

Long press 9 one button to turn off all buzzers

T112 Wireless Guest Pager System support up to 999 Pagers

Note: Please use the product on the table which be made of wood, plastic, glass and other materials, and avoid the table top of metal and marble.

The Retekess T112 Guest Paging System is an easy-to-use paging system for a variety of businesses that keeps customers in touch at all times. It can be used in food trucks, pizzerias, fast food restaurants like McDonald's, and various food stores in malls.

If there is a pizza store you particularly like, his pizza is made extremely delicious. But every time you go to eat, you need to wait in a long line, many due to too many customers, every time noisy and crowded. But if that pizzeria uses a set of T112 guest pager systems, it can easily solve the queuing problem. When you go to the pizzeria, order, the waiter gives you a pager so that you can go to the surrounding shopping, wait until your pizza is ready, the waiter will call off your pager, so you don't have to wait all the time in front of the pizzeria, but also can eat hot, just made pizza.

T112 Guest Paging System's performance:

T112 restaurant paging system supports the expansion of 999 pagers, which can help solve the problem of long queues and customer crowding. If your business expands and you need more buzzers, please contact us.

Free to customize the sticker on the pager. The number paper on the pager is removable. You can put your personalized stickers into it, such as your restaurant's logo, or information about the events you hold, which can be a good promotional effect.

Multiple transmitting hosts can be used simultaneously with a pager to achieve multi-window pickup.

Each pager has a built-in 360 mAh battery that can stand by for over 12 hours and is easy to charge. When the customer is done using the pager and returns it, you can plug it directly into the card slot for charging.

Functions of T112 Guest Paging System:

Long press 9 one button to turn off all buzzers, save time, convenient and fast.

3 alert modes: vibration + LED flashing light; buzzer + LED flashing light; vibration + buzzer + LED flashing light, suitable for various scenes, you can use it in the church nurseriesrestaurantsnt, hospitals, offices, etc.

Professional chip, stable signal, working distance between about 200-300 meters in the open area.

There is a stop button on the side of the pager, which can be used to stop the reminder, and also can be used to turn on and off the individual buzzer.

Problems solved by T112 Guest Paging System:

Solve the problem of customer queuing

Create a quiet and comfortable consumption environment for customers

Allow customers to rest or entertain during their free time for consumption, fully enjoying freedom and comfort

Improve the efficiency of service personnel and service quality

Reduce the number of service personnel, saving the cost of business expenses

Enhance the corporate image, optimize the customer dining experience, and improve the competitiveness and attractiveness of enterprises

Note: Please use the product on the table which be made of wood, plastic, glass and other materials, and avoid the table top of metal and marble.

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Keypad Transmitter

Standby current 24mA

Transmit current 100mA

Working voltage DC 5V/6A power adapter

Adapter AC 100-240V 50/60Hz


Pager Receiver

Receive sensitivity -107dBm

Decoder Learning code AM

Standby current 10mA

Working current 75mA at vibration

Charging voltage DC 5V


Package Detail

Guest Pagers x 20 

Antenna x 1

Power adaptor (Tell us which type of adaptor do you need) x 1

Keypad transmitter x 1 

User manual x 1

Q: How many pieces of guest pagers can I use in one set?

A: You can add up to 999 pagers

Q: Can I close all the pagers on the charging base?

A: Yes, long-press number 9, when you hear a beep, press the CALL button.

Q: How many prompt ways?

A: There are 3 ways in all: Vibration + beep, beep, vibration(each with lights flash).

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