Retekess TD005 Server Paging System for Kitchen Factory

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Retekess TD005 transmitter call button designed for kitchen to waiter staff to increase efficiency and profitability. It compatible with Retekess T128, TD108, and TD106. It is buit-in12V/23A battery, low current draw, support transmit for 20000 times. There are build-in antenna, long range and work well through 10-15 walls. The call button is waterproof.


Retekess TD005 5-key call button for Restaurant

Long working range calling system; highly anti-interference and calling system signal range covers 305m/100ft in open area; 15 Level volume control; screen display receiver also supports connect external audio, so the volume gets louder, more suitable for food court where are noisy

Large LCD screen, easy to read even at a distance; widely used in cafes; tea house; restaurant; hotel; hospital; nursing home; rehabilitation centre; industrial factory workshop; office; golf club; leisure clubs; etc.

7 Broadcast modes and 6 partition modes for the screen display receiver; ; meets your multiple needs; easy programming from Fn1 to Fn13 for the wireless calling system; Independent storage to avoid data loss; adjustable cycle broadcast time

Waterproof wireless call buttons; 4 service type; call; water; bill; cacel; all button pager 12v 23a battery for each call buttons; standby time up to 6-12 months; one call button max. call multiple screen receivers; easy to change logo or sticker

Multi-purpose; wireless calling system most add 999pcs wireless call button, pager easy to configure button,delete button; adjust volume; warning jack design; also can be an alarm; more convenient for bank or factory to use; simple and Convenient return process; Retekess provide 2 year free warranty, 30 days no reason to return

Practical Pagers


5 Call Buttons

It is Definitely a Good Helper for Your Business

Perfectly ideal for Restaurants, Food courts, Hotels, Clinics, Schools, Cafes, Shops, Banks, Factories or anywhere queuing needed

Easy to Use

Sticker included, Wireless Calling Buttons Can be Easily Installed on Each Table or Wall with Sticker

Lanyard hole design on base(NOTE; Lanyard is not included), so you can Hanging on The Neck

Compact Size

Compact size, also easy to Put It in Pocket, so that the Customer Can Get Help Quickly and Conveniently


Call Several Watch Receivers

5-key Call Buttons: Wireless pager support several wireless watch receivers

When paired with T128 Wrist watch, the number I-V on square call buttons also Can be Customized different meanings

NOTE: Watch receiver is not included in our package

Waterproof & Durable

Waterproof Button Design

Wireless Calling Buttons and ABS Shell Durable

2 Pcs 12V23A battery are inclued in pager, long service time

5 call butons, pleasant to touch

Long Wroking Range

Long Scalable antenna, Calling System highly Anti-interference

System Signal Range Covers 300m/ 985ft in Open Area, signal can penetrate 10-15 walls


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RF frequency: 433MHz

Modulation ModeASK (AM)


Power12V/23A battery (included)

Working current18mA

Stand-by current:<1uA





1x TD005 call button

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