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Retekess TW101 Window Speaker System

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Retekess TW101 window intercom system

3 W Dual way intercom system

Volume adjustable

Easy to install and use

Talk-through intercoms for Restaurants, ticket windows, bank counters, and any other place that need to talk through glasses or physical barriers

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Retekess TW101 Window Speaker System 

Retekess TW101 Window Speaker System is a 3w two-way counter bank, it is made of ABS of the body and mic with metal. So the weight is lighter. You can control both inside and outside speaker volume, and the device has the mute function, you can press one key to mute. It is very easy to use and install, all necessary accessories are included in the package. 

Main Feature Details:

Clear Sound

Window speaker intercom system adopts advanced chip with noise reduction;

Microprocessor circuit design prevents echo;

The windows speakers can be used to check cashing places, and your employees can hear your customers better.

Mute Function

Master station and substation, the volume of internal and external can be adjusted by separately;

Main machine design internal and external mute switch, bank intercom system can be used as needed;

With audio signal input functions, such as computer voice prompts, it can be broadcast externally, easy to listen to.

Crystal Sound and Stable Signal

3W output for main and secondary speakers;

Higher power can effectively reduce static or hollow-sounding;

Besides, there exists a recording jack for external recording.

Master Station Cable Adjustment

The cable can be bent 360 degrees;

So it can be more convenient to communicate with your customers;

Widely use at any window internal and external intercom.

Duplex Technology

duplex voice talkback communication technology;

Both the transmitting device and the receiving device have independent working capabilities; information can be simultaneously received and transmitted for two-way communication.

Automatic identification of processing signals, no operation required during the call.

Compact Design

Microphone and speaker adopt integrated design and realize the one-line connection with the host, easy to install

The installation is simple and beautiful, the shape is unique, and the style is novel;

The secondary machine hangs on the wall or pastes on the glass.

Easy to Use

Just connect the Mic cable with the Mic jack; and plug in the power adapter; Convenient to use.

Turn Off Button

There is a red button to turn off the power; no need to pull out the power adapter.

Quality Plastic Material

It adopts plastic material; so it can be much lighter; easy to be placed.


Window intercom systems are widely used in warehouses, banks, tickets window, and any other places with a window or similar place.

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working voltage: DC12V
Maximum working current: 1A
Main and secondary speakers: 3W
Outer microphone: -38db±3db
Inner microphone: -38db±3db
Size: main machine: 18.2*13*5.6CM
secondary machine:6.1*8.5*2.4CM

  • Q: Do TW101 inside and outside speakers speak at the same time?

  • A: No, after one side talk the other side can talk. But if you want to use background music, that will work. play background music and talk at the same time.

  • Q: What watts about the TW101 window speaker?
  • A: It is 3W, high power with clear sound.
  • Q: Do you have a longer cable of the outside speaker?
  • A: If you need a longer cable please check the TW102, TW103, and TW104. Those 3 models can customize longer cable with the speaker. 

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