Retekess TW102 Window Speaker System Dual Way Intercom

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TW102 window intercom system adopts aluminum alloy shell and metal outside unit

Anti-interference and noise-free function

Dual way window speaker system

Mute function. Free Shipping to the US/EU

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Retekess TW102 window speaker system

The Retekess TW102 window system for dual way conversation provides two-way sound; without hollow sounding or static noise; more stable signal; Suitable for drive-thru store; clearly hear the customer sounds with double way signal transmission; you can paste the outside metal outside speaker on the glass with double side adhesive tape; easy to use.

TW102 Speaker System Key Features

Intercom System adopts Half Duplex Tech

Auto dual-way intercom system without pressing any button; the communication voice can be clear from different directions; no need to worry about

sound cuts in and out of the problem

Talk Thru Window Intercom  Made of Aluminum Alloy Material

More durable use compared with fragile plastic-type; it can resist erosion for durable use; it also adopts a 4 core high strength aluminum foil shielded

wire; stronger connection plug

Master Station and Outside Speaker Volume Adjustable

The volume of the master station and substation can be adjusted separately by oneself. More convenient and free to achieve two-way intercom.

Outside Mic Cable

Rugged, tamper-resistant materials. Using a 4 core high-strength aluminum foil shielded wire and strong connection plug. Stronger anti-interference

ability. Using an acoustic tube with a noise-canceling microphone. Flexible gooseneck-type microphone. The thin shape of the acoustic tube does not

obstruct the field of vision.

Window Intercom System with Clear Sound

Adopt a high-powered mic, elegant appearance, voice is lifelike, clear

TW102 Intercom System Has Recording Function

Built-in Recording signal output can provide master station and substation audio output for recording

Vertical Placed Speaker

So the outside voice can be well transmitted; also it can effectively reduce the signal statics

Window Intercom System Designed with Mute Switch

There is I-shut and O-shut button to close the signal; I-shut buttons work for internal Mic voice, and O-shut is used for outside speakers


Window intercom systems are widely used in warehouses, banks, tickets window, and any other places with a window or similar place.

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Material: aluminum alloy shell

Connection cable length: 8m / 26.25ft

Working voltage: DC12V / 500mA

Adapter: AC 110/220V 50/60Hz

Main sound (sub sound): 3W+3W

Microphone sensitivity: -48db 20Hz-16KHz

Size: 114 x 74 x 145mm / Φ67 x 20mm

Weight: 900g / 1.98lb

Q: Does the intercom system support 220v to 240v voltage countries? Does the adapter say 110 to 240?

A: We provide the intercom system with different charger standards (US, EU, AU, and the UK). We will ship the correct charger based on your country. 

Q: Can two of the window speaker system be used within 10-12 feet of each other?

A: Yes, you can. There's no interference at all. 

Q: Can I just substitute the short cord for a longer one?

A: We have different lengths of cable for additional speakers, you could email us with your needs on the length. 

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