TW104 Window Intercom System Full Duplex 3W

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Easy to install and use, The window intercom system comes with a long cable, TW104 window speaker system adopts full-duplex voice intercom communication technology, two-way window speaker system

Retekess JT-1918 is suitable for the drive-up window, store window,  cashing store,  ticket window,  movie theatre,  auto shop,  hospital,  clinic, bank,  station, etc. 

Full Duplex Technology

Compared with half-duplex technology, signal transmission can work well simultaneously from different directions. So the voice can be much clear; less signal interference.

Noise Reduction

1.8m / 5.9ft for microphone cable.

It can thoroughly solve echo and squeal problems.

Full Duplex voice intercom technology automatically recognizes and processes voice signals, and does not require any operation during the call.

Durable Enough

It can resist the violence better, and it will be not easily broke up for durable use.

Easy to operate

The volume button uses anodizing technology to resist corrosion effectively; also, it can offer better feelings.

Mic Cable Material

Using a 4 core high-strength aluminum foil shielded wire and strong connection plug;

So it can effectively improve the sound quality, less signal interference.

Flexible Mic Cable

The thin shape of the acoustic tube does not obstruct the field of vision.

More convenient and free to achieve two-way intercom.

Enough Lound Sound

The voice can be spread more widely for better voice quality;

and it can take much less space.

Mute Function

The internal Mic and outside speaker can be shut down separately. I-shut button to turn off the station sound; O-shut works for the outside speaker; convenient use.

Come with Long Cable

There is a metal tube to cover the aluminum foil shielded wire;

So the wire can be well protected; also it is helpful for signal stability; less voice interference.

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Material: aluminum alloy shell
Connection cable length: 1.8m
Working voltage: DC12V / 500mA
Main sound (sub sound): 3W+3W
Microphone sensitivity: -65db
Size: 118 x 87 x 45mm
8.Weight: 580g

Package Includes:
1 x Dual-way counter interphone
1 x External speaker
1 x Power adapter
1 x English manual

Q: Do i need other equipment when i use it?

A: No, there are screws and sticks in the parcel, you can use them directly and choose the installation method.

Q: How long does the cable is?

A: 1.8M

Q: Can I buy the longer cable?

A: Yes, We have other 3 types, 3M, 8M, and 12M. Pls email us to get more detail. 

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