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Retekess TD110 Watch Pager TD019 Button Calling System for Restaurant, Food Court

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TD110 wrist pager can add up to 999 call buttons

Watch receiver can set up to 10 groups of alarm clocks; it allows you to never miss any proxy event

Support 8 languages available; optional from EN/RU/PT/FR/DE/ES/IT/CH as your need

Long working time: Call button has a 600mAh battery; standby time is more than 12 months;

Watch receiver has a 300mAh rechargeable battery

Perfect for restaurants; hospitals; clinics; nursing homes and barbecue restaurants

Features of Retekess TD110 Watch Pager:

- 999 channels to help identify different departments or tables

- 4-level volume adjustment

- Vibration or beep alert

- Rechargeable battery with long battery life

- LCD screen display of the number, channel and battery level

- One-to-one or one-to-many communication capability

- Easy to program and use

Benefits to use watch pager receiver in restaurant:

- Helps staff to efficiently communicate and coordinate with each other

- Saves time and enhances customer service

- Provides discreet notifications without disturbing customers

- Reduces noise pollution in the restaurant environment

- Increases staff productivity and working effiency

Features of Retekess TD019 Call Button:

- Waterproof and durable design

- Easy to install and use. each button is attached with a lanyard and sticker; extra silicone sleeve can effectively prevent the button from breaking after falling off

- Wireless transmission up to 200 meters

- Long battery life. TD019 button has a 600 mAh battery; battery operation time up to 12 months

- Can be hung up or used in a tabletop holder

- One-touch operation

- Sensitivity; large button design; easy to touch; indicator light shows; immediately know if the button was called successful

- Stability; strong anti-interference; the working chip adopts learning code; with more stable signal

Benefits of using button calling system:

- Allows customers to easily alert staff when they need assistance

- Enhances the customer experience and satisfaction

- Reduces waiting times for service

- Increases efficiency and eliminates the need for staff to constantly check on customers

- Can be used in various settings such as restaurants, cafes, and hospitals

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TD110 Wireless Watch Receiver

TD019 Call Button

Working voltage Built-in 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery, USB-5V charging RF frequency 433.92MHz
L C D 128*64 dot matrix monochrome Modulation mode ASK
Working current <3mA Power 3V/600mAh/CR2450 button lithium manganese dioxide battery (included)
Standby current <20uA Transmit power 13dbm
Receiving frequency 433MHz Standby power <1uA
Modulation mode ASK Coding mode EV1527
Battery 300mAh 3.7V lithium battery Rate 3.3k
Receiving distance 50-100m (open space) Working current <15mA
Ambient temperature -20℃-55℃ Product size φ55mm,H=18mm
Appearance size 50×45×15mm (without strap)    
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