Retekess TD019 Wireless Black One-Key Call Button

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TD019 wireless black one-key call button is compatible with all Retekess display receivers

(T114, TD105) and watch receivers (TD106, TD108)

The pairing is simple and easy to operate

Equipped with double-sided tape, silicone sleeve, and lanyard

Easy to fix, more dustproof, and portable

Retekess TD019 wireless calling buttons work with T128, TD108 watch receivers, or T114 receiver host. The advantages of using the

wireless call buttons is faster service, increased table rotation, greater customer satisfaction, and increased overall revenue

Easy to install

Each button comes with a double-sided adhesive, it can be fixed on the table very easily

Easy to use

Only one key on the button, very easy for the customers to use, no tutorial required

Dustproof, drop resistant, and portable

Equipped with silicone shell and lanyard to meet the needs of different scenarios


The range is up to 60m with a stable signal in an open area, making the customer's needs heard all the time

Note: the range is influenced a lot by surroundings and the receiver that you that

If the call pager is located farther from the receiving host, you can add a repeater to amplify the signal


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TD019 Call Button
RF frequency 433.92MHz
Modulation mode ASK
Power 3V/600mAh/CR2450 button lithium manganese dioxide battery (included)
Transmit power 13dbm
Standby power <1uA
Coding mode EV1527
Rate 3.3k
Working current <15mA
Product size φ55mm,H=18mm

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