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Retekess TD110 Wireless Smart Watch Receiver for Clinic Restaurant Factory

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Retekess TD110 Wireless Smart Watch ReceiverSupport eight languages(EN DE FR IT ES RU PT CN)

Large capacity lithium battery (300mAh 3.7V) with new power saving technology, standby up to 72 hours or more

Stylish appearance, new design, durable and long-lasting

Alert mode: ringing/vibration/beeping

Support 999 wireless transmitter button use, transmitter name can be edited

Retekess TD110 Wireless Smart Watch Receiver support eight languages to use, using a new power-saving technology, with high-capacity lithium battery, to provide a more robust and durable quality. Suitable for restaurants, clinics, hospitals home care, factories, warehouses, bars, clubs and many other scenarios and industries that need to solve the call problem, to improve the quality of operational services, simplify the workflow, save labor costs, improve efficiency have improved user needs can play a significant role.

Support multi-language settings

LCD dot matrix display, support (EN DE FR IT ES RU PT CN) eight languages, humanized menu-based operation, easy to learn and use

New low power consumption technology with large capacity battery

Built-in high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery (300mAh 3.7V)with new power-saving technology, standby time up to 72 hours or more

Retekess TD110 Wireless Smart Watch Receiver Electroplating process, more durable

The watch receiver dial and strap both adopt new design, and the body shell adopts new electroplating technology, with high-end fashionable appearance and more durable

Large capacity memory storage function

Perpetual calendar display, no loss of time and date when the power is turned off and on; 99 groups of recent call information can be checked

Support 999-way wireless transmitter pairing

Pager supports partition code pairing, can be paired with 999 wireless transmitters, transmitter key function can be freely defined, transmitter name can be freely edited.You can acquire a certain number of call buttons to form a call system that enhances your work efficiency and quality of work

Time setting function

Up to 10 groups of alarms and shutdown alarms can be set; Timer function can be set to enter power saving mode or switch on/off at regular intervals

A variety of working modes can be selected

Beep, vibration, light and other call alert methods can be freely selected

Remote call system with transmitter button

With the Retekess TD004 , Retekess TD005 transmitter call button, a call system with a transmission distance of 200 meters or more in an open area can be formed

Retekess TD110 Wireless Smart Watch Receiver  and Retekess T128 Multi-Language Wireless Watch Receiver function comparison:

TD110 T128
Support (EN DE FR IT ES RU PT CN) eight languages Support Support (EN DE FR IT ES RU PT CN) eight languages Support
You can customize the name of the launch button Support custom call button words (English only)
Beep, vibration or light mode can be switched according to the needs of the scene Beeping or vibration mode can be switched according to the needs of the scene
Large storage capacity with access to the last 99 call records.Up to 10 sets of alarm clock jobs can be set All call records can be viewed through the software, and support record export
High power lithium batteries with new low energy consumption technology.Standby time can reach more than 72 hours Low battery alert.Built-in removable and rechargeable battery
With Retekess TD004 and Retekess TD005 buttons, the transmission distance can reach more than 200m in the open field  
The exterior design uses a new plating process, the strap dial is stronger and more durable

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TD110 Wireless Watch Receiver

Working voltage Built-in 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery, USB-5V charging
L C D 128*64 dot matrix monochrome
Working current <3mA
Standby current <20uA
Receiving frequency 433MHz
Modulation mode ASK
Battery 300mAh 3.7V lithium battery
Receiving distance 50-100m (open space)
Ambient temperature -20℃-55℃
Appearance size 50×45×15mm (without strap)

Package Includes:

  • 2/3/5 x TD110 Wireless Watch Receivers (Quantity optional)
  • 2/3/5 x Micro-USB cable
  • 1 xUser manual

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