Microphone and Headphone Audio System

Retekess Microphone and Headphone Audio System adopt the advanced chip to make the signal more stable and reliable. The stage audio system includes a wireless transmitter and portable receivers. You could add as many receivers as you need.

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Cardioid and omnidirectional switching

Mute the microphone with one click, easy to use

Clear lighting distinguishes pickup patterns
(cardioid pointing: green light indication, omnidirectional: blue light indication)

Monitoring headphone supports volume adjustment

The maximum sound pressure level (SPL) is as high as 120dB, and there is no distortion under high-decibel sounds


— Dynamic Hi-Fi Speakers

— The microphone only picks up sound sources directly in front of the microphone to filter out noise

— Wireless microphone and receiver pair automatically when turned on

— Allow connection of microphone, Bluetooth V5.0, USB

— Automatically searches for frequencies and selects the best frequency

— The metal shell is drop-resistant and anti-collision

— Transmission range 295ft/90m



TA005 wireless TV headphones support two channels, under the same environment, can support two sets of products to use
Digital optical and RCA audio input
Built-in 600mah lithium battery in the earphone
Stereo sound quality


Retekess TC102 portable PA system has a headset microphone, Mini speaker, and a handle so convenient to carry.

Supported two wireless microphones connected, plus one wired microphone.

Small size with TWS dual speakers, 30W output power loud volume.

Supported FM, BT and audio recording function, and Bluetooth 5.0, AUX, TF-Card, and USB playback.

UHF technology, high sensitivity, signal stabilization, and clear audio.

Great for churches, small parties, schools, classrooms, gyms, corporate meetings, and presentations.

$159.99 $139.99

Retekess TA001 in-ear monitor and receiver system Tabletop stage monitoring system Range up to 100m Receiver powered by 2 AA battery 6 synchronization channels


Silent disco headphones with stereo and Hi-Fi Sound Quality

3 channels with 3 different color LED lights

Rechargeable and last 6-8 hours for continuous use with fully charged

Range up to 200m


1. 2.4GHz frequency hopping technology

2.  Wireless TV headphones automatic standby power saving function

3. Transmitter comes with a charging base, removable rechargeable battery

4. Headset with Bluetooth and 2.4G mode selection, support for watching TV process to answer incoming calls

5. The transmitter has LINE IN input, supports 3.5MM, and RCA connection. If you have fiber optic or coaxial connection needs can use an accessories adapter.

6. Communication distance, 2.4G mode is greater than 30m, Bluetooth mode is greater than 10M (open space)


Support coaxial, fiber, 3.5 audio, RCA method connection

Transmitter can be used as a charging and storage dock for headphones

One transmitter can connect multiple headphones

Earphones can adjust the volume freely

Transmitter and headset automatically connect

High-fidelity sound quality, stereo playback

The screen of the transmitter displays the charging capacity and the connection interface