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Retekess TA001 In Ear Audio Monitor System Stage Audio System 2.4G

SKU: F9467A-F9467B

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Retekess TA001 in-ear monitor and receiver system Tabletop stage monitoring system Range up to 100m Receiver powered by 2 AA battery 6 synchronization channels

Retekess TA001 stereo monitor system 2.4GHz deliver reliable wireless freedom to every corner of the stage; 30 channels; With ultra-low noise and no artifacts,ensures the clearest sound; Shortest latency(<0.5ms);

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Retekess TA001 wireless in ear monitor allow for uncluttered stage sets and a reliably consistent sound wherever you move.  Ideal for use by singers and musicians. This stage audio monitor system features TNC antenna to extend and increase wireless range plus a clear digital LCD front panel display for at-a-glance monitoring. Suitable for Christmas display or some other shows. 


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