Coaster Pager System in Restaurants

Retekess coaster guest paging system enables your staff to promptly notify guests through flash, vibration, and beep pagers, eliminating waiting in line. Coaster pagers provide more free time for customers to explore or relax, enhances business efficiency, attracts more guests, and increases revenue.

How does the paging system work and why do people choose coaster pager system?

Keyboard is for employees, coaster buzzer is for customers.
When it's time for a customer to come in for service or pick up a meal or drink, an employee presses the customer's pager number on the keypad to call.

The pagers' sturdy build and long-range coverage provide reliability and flexibility in various environments. The sleek design and customizable features, such as branding options and different alert modes, enhance the overall customer experience. They are more flexible, and most models can add more keypads for multiple zone calling.

Applicable to catering scenarios: Specialty restaurants, pubs and lounges, bars, barbecues, cafes, bakeries, seafood restaurants, catering event receptions.
Applicable to service reception and paging customer scenario: Consulting companies, 4S stores, associations, salons, customized service companies, breweries, brewing companies.
Applicable to entertainment service paging customer scenario: Sports Club, golf clubs, bowling clubs, resort clubs, go-kart clubs, skating clubs, hotels, music festivals.