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Retekess TD165(SU-668) Wireless Coaster Paging System of Restaurant Church Nursery

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Retekess TD165(SU-668) pager system supports 999 channels  

A stop reminder button on the pager  

Cancel calling the wrong number with one key from the keypad transmitter

Made of pc material, more robust and durable

Retekess TD165(SU-668) coaster paging system is simple to set up and easy to use. It can minimize the number of people waiting in line, reduce staff confusion, improve the atmosphere, and notify customers faster. At the same time reduce staff costs, improve work efficiency, and enhance store image

Features of TD165 Coaster Paging System

Each pager built-in rechargeable lithium battery, low battery indicator, and charging indicator.

“0-9” Numeric keypad: Press the number and “Enter” button to call the number.

You want“Λ” Pager up: Press the “Λ” button to view the call record.“v” Page down: Press the “v” to view the call record.“S” Save: Press the “S” button to save the number on the screen“←” Backspace: Press the“←” button to Delete the number that displays on the screen “ENTER” Send button: Press the number “0-999” + “ENTER” to call the number you want “CANCEL” Stop button: Press the “CANCEL” button to stop the vibrating or Flashing or Beep of the pager.

Prompt modes: Vibration & Buzzer & Vibration+Buzzer (each mode is accompanied by the LED flashing).

External antenna, the working distance is about 300-500m(0.2mile) in the open area.

Advantages of TD165 Coaster Paging System

Stop reminder button

Retekess TD165(SU-668) pager system has a reminder close button on the back of the Coaster. Guests can turn off the reminder after hearing the reminder to avoid disturbing others.

Charging Tips

When the pager is charging, the blue LED flashing once every second, enters the state of the charger. When the pager fully charges, the blue LED light is on. If you want to find the pager but they are in charging, please call the number and you can see the pager's red LED light flashing.

Cancel the wrong call

The Keypad Transmitter contains the cancel button. When the wrong number is pressed, the call can be canceled in time to avoid a bad experience for customers due to operating errors

Strong and resistant

The pager is made of a high-quality PC. Sturdy and durable resistance to falling. The whole body is reinforced, all the internal lines are reinforced, the skin is solid, and the drop resistance is more stable

999-channel keypad transmitter

One keypad transmitter can maximally work with a 999 pcs pager. As your business gets better and better, you can extend up to 999 pagers to the one transmitter system

Advanced RF wireless technology

433.92MHz radiofrequency is more stable to transmit and is hardly disturbed by other radio signals. the professional pager system chip Pass-through layers support Anti-temperature and anti-humidity

Wireless paging system

Equipped with 10pcs coaster pagers for customers and 1 Charging Base, saving spaces and very easy to operate. The transmitter distance is about 300-500 meters in a wide-open field. As long as the coaster and the transmitter are paired successfully, they can be used normally, with no need to connect to the network

Usage of TD165 Coaster Paging System

1. Guest comes to the restaurant and makes an order. The waiter gives each guest a pager; every pager has a number on it and notes down the number.

2. When an order is ready, the waiter at the counter will press the number on the transmitter. The corresponding guest gets the wireless signal by his pager vibrating or LED flashing or sounding, then he knows the order is ready and goes to the counter to take his food.

Why do you need a set of TD165 Coaster Paging System

Minimize crowds in the waiting line

Reduce staff chaos & improve the ambiance

Notify people faster

Reduce staff cost

Improves work efficiency

Enhances the restaurant's image


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TD165 Coaster Paging System Pager



Receive sensitivity


Material of Housing


Standby Time

18-20 hours


Built-in 3.7V 280mAh rechargeable lithium battery

Reminder Method

Buzzing ,LED Flashing, Vibration

Distance of Transmission

About 300- 500 meters in a wide-open field


80 x 73 x 15mm



TD165 Coaster Paging System Keypad




74 x 37mm


ABS plastic

Working voltage

DC 12V/1A power adapter


AC 100-240V 50/60Hz


162 x 112 x 72mm



Package Includes:

Keypad transmitter x 1

Pagers x 10 

Power adaptor x 1

Charging base x 1

User manual x 1

Q: Is there a mode that will vibrate and light at the same time?

A: Yes, this TD165(SU-668) Wireless Coaster Paging System has 3 prompt modes: vibration+LED lights; buzzer+LED lights; vibration+buzzer+LED lights. Here are the setting steps for your reference:

  1. Press the "MODE" button on the back of the pager, the prompt mode will switch every time you press the button, and the pager will show the present prompt mode, you need to choose what you want.
  2. Press the "learn" key, the pager LED flashing, and then press a number (1-999)+ "ENTER" on the keypad transmitter, when this number is shown on the pager's screen, the registration is successfully done. After that, press the number + "ENTER" to call, and the pager will vibrate and light at the same time, then you can press the [STOP] button to stop reminding.

Q: How long can I set the wait time for? According to the directions, it's only 200 seconds, but I need it to be for 45 minutes.

A: For this Retekess TD165(SU-668) pager system, please kindly note that the reminder time is 60 seconds by default and cannot be set. But we have other models that may meet your needs, please check Retekess TD156 or TD103 pagers, ASIN: B07VR5VF28, B07N4N7MV5. They support reminder time setting, when the setting is 00, it means there is no limit on the length of reminder time. Besides, you can also set a service countdown (0-99 minutes), which means that the pager will remind the guest of collecting meals after an interval of the countdown when it receives messages from the keypad. After the remainder of the countdown, it is only when the pager is placed on the charging tray connected to the power that the notification is closed. When it is sending the notification, the pager is constantly vibrating and blinking and the ID of the disc will be shown on the display.

Q: Can I order a new Charging base for the buzzer?

A: Of course. You can purchase Keypad Transmitter, Coaster, and Charging base separately according to your needs.

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it has a great range , we use in a club. Works really well , and is well priced for its use, compared to some products out there that are so expensive and do the same thing๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Perfect for the Covid crisis if you normally have a waiting room.

Perfect for the Covid crisis if you normally have a waiting room. We have one customer in our small waiting room at a time and once we have their details we give them one of the discs and they can sit in their car outside or walk to the coffee shop a few doors up. When we have repaired their goods we can summons them and they return to collect their goods, maintaining social distancing

Great investment!

These work perfectly for our small business! Great investment especially right now with limits on how many people we can have in at one time!

Works wonderfully

Just what I expected for the price. Good range. Perfect size

Works as advertised!

This is exactly what we needed for our restaurant! With the new limited seating capacity due to Covid 19 restrictions we didn't want to lose any customers. These work well and give people the satisfaction of knowing that they will be called when a table is available.

Great for food truck

We use this system for our food truck. Works like a charm except one pager will not work at all.

Read the instructions!

Works great... You have to learn their quirks like reset when they seem dead. So far no failures! You have to put a sticker over the "Stop" button and the 3 other setting buttons because customers will mess with the buttons and that is what causes the need to reset. Otherwise great distances ability and so far so good! We have two sets, it's cheaper to order a full 10 pager set than try and replace a unit if someone walks off with one, actually not cheaper but easier. You just can't get one unit easily, the company is in China and replacement units are sent from there but the 10 unit set is sent from the US.

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