Retekess TT106 Tour Guide Headsets

Retekess TT106 is another hot selling product on our official website. It mainly has the following outstanding characteristics:

  • 9999 channels
  • Working range up to 150m/492ft in an open area
  • Transmitter works for 23 hrs; receiver works for 25 hrs
  • Synchronize channels automatically
  • One button to mute the transmitter
  • One key to turning off all receivers

tour guide system TT106 has a reasonable and competitive price, which makes it a new favorite. Of course, you can find more characteristics through this page.

By purchasing through our official website, you can enjoy a 30 day free return, a 2-year warranty, and lifelong technical support. Retekess, as a leading manufacturer in the wireless tour guide system industry, has been dedicated to this field for 15 years. Our business reach customers globally. We prioritize listening to our customers, placing their needs priority, and ensuring customer satisfaction is our driving force for progress. Contact us to learn more, and you can acquire more professional advise from us.

Compatible with TT005 32-slot charging case, TT006 64-slot charging case, TT002 16-port USB charging base, and TT016 48-port carry case.

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Supports two transmitters working together in a team

Wireless ear hook receiver no need headphone

2.4GHz signal transmission, stable signal, crystal clear sound

32-port aluminum charging case is rugged and durable

Transmitter lasts 25 hours, receiver lasts 23 hours

Communication range up to 150m/492 ft

One button to turn off all connected receivers

TT106 tour guide audio systems include:

  • 2 transmitters (with lavalier mic)
  • 30 receivers
  • 1 32-port charging case
  • 2 free headset microphones
$1,383.62 $1,099.99

Wireless ear-hook receiver requires no additional headphones

Durable, portable, and easy to use

Allows two transmitters to speak in one group

$520.99 $379.99

Whisper tour guide system is 2.4G and free to use worldwide

Support two transmitters working in a group simultaneously

Communication distance up to 150m in the open area

Anti-interference, high confidentiality of conversation

Crystal clear sound and stable signal

One key to turn off all receivers

Transmitter with mute function

One key to pair automatically

9999 IDs

$299.99 $249.99

TT106 Tourist guide system supports two guides working together in the same group

Up to 25 hours of use for the transmitter and 23 hours for the receiver

Working range up to 150 m/492 ft

48-port carry bag holds 48 units and all accessories

2.4GHz signal transmission, available worldwide

Auxiliary audio transmission supported with AUX jack

$889.99 $729.99

9999 channels

One-touch mute transmitter

Wireless ear hook receiver, no need for additional headphone

Easy to operate and durable

Allow two transmitters to speak at the same time

Support MIC and AUX input at the same time

Communication range up to 150 m/492 ft

This Interpretation Systems kit includes:
- 4 transmitters (with mic)
- 60 receivers
- 1 64-slot charging case

-4 free headset microphone

$3,261.99 $2,119.99

TT106 Receiver is divided into left ear and right ear

Working time up to 23h after fully charged

Weighs only 18g very Lightweight and convenient


It is made of the aluminum alloy

You can put down all the accessories. It is very convenient for you.

64 ports Charging case for Retekess T130 T131 TT106 tour guide system

it is a durable and fire-resistant Portable design, you can take it anywhere.


Retekess TT005 32 port charge 32 tour guide system at one time It is made of aluminum alloy, it is durable and fire-resistant Portable design, you can take it to anywhere. You can put down all the accessories. It is very convenient.


16-port USB charging base Compatible with T130 TT103 tour guide system Adapter input : AC100-240V Can charge for up to 16 receivers or transmitters simultaneously Extend the life of tour guide equipment US/EU/UK plug available


48 ports for 2P cs fortransmitters and 48 pcs receivers

Suit for TT116, TT105, TT109,TT106,TT104, and TT122

Hard and not easy to deform

  • Size: 370*340*110mm/14.56*13.38*4.33 inch


The transmitter belongs to TT106 Tour Guide system.

The transmitter cannot be used alone, it needs to be used together with the TT106 receiver.

Tour guide transmitter has a mute function.

Working time up to 25h after fully charged.