Retekess TT116 Tour Headsets for Factories

TT116 tour headsets is another cost-effective model after the T130 tour guide system.In addition, theTT116 tour guide system's batteries are easily replaceable without the need for technology or tools, ensuring uninterrupted use.

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TT116 tour headsets features:

  • Noise-canceling, clear sound quality
  • Removable battery for extended use
  • Blank advertising sticker space
  • Type-C charging port
  • Communication range up to 200m/656ft
  • Auto-lock to prevent accidental touch
  • Supports MIC and AUX simultaneous inputs simultaneously

Combination Kit

Tour headsets for multiple use cases

  • TT116 tour guide headsets can be easily replaced with batteries for extended use, making them suitable for multi-day trips and long-distance travel. The portable and user-friendly design is popular with tour groups.
  • With its noise-canceling technology, the TT116 one way tour guide headsets are also suitable for factory tours, so you can enjoy clear sound transmission even in noisy factories.
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