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Retekess TT116 UHF Wireless Translation System for School and Conferences with Carry Case European Frequency

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UHF transmission and noise reduction technology ensure smooth and clear audio

Replaceable rechargeable batteries provide convenience and flexibility for extended use

With advertising sticker space

Working range 200 m/656ft

Transmitter works for 10 hours, receiver works for 13 hours

Transmitter supports the simultaneous use of microphone and AUX inputs

50 channel IDs

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○The US version and EU version are only different in the frequency range, and their product appearance and function are the same.

Whether you are interacting with an audience in a lecture hall or talking to students in a classroom, the TT116 wireless translation system can help you provide real-time translation services to anyone.

retekess-tt116-whisper-device-for-translation   retekess-tt116-whisper-device-easy-to-use

⚪One-touch mute transmitter

A speaker or presenter can temporarily mute the microphone with a short press of the transmitter's power button, providing flexibility and control during a presentation or discussion. It allows for quick pauses or breaks without having to adjust settings or remove the microphone completely.

⚪One-touch shutdown of all receiver

Press and hold the transmitter's "S" button for 4 seconds to simultaneously turn off all receivers on the same frequency as the transmitter, making it easy to manage multiple devices efficiently. It simplifies the shutdown process, especially when multiple receivers are used at the same time.

⚪One-touch pairs transmitter and receiver

The simultaneous translation device supports the automatic pairing of transmitters and receivers. This feature simplifies the setup process and ensures a hassle-free experience for you, saving time and effort, especially in fast-paced environments such as classrooms or business events.

⚪Replaceable battery

The wireless simultaneous interpretation equipment comes with replaceable batteries to ensure continuous use. This feature is especially useful in school environments where translation kits may be used for extended periods of time. When the battery is low, it can be easily replaced, allowing uninterrupted communication without recharging.

⚪UHF frequency transmission

Language interpretation devices utilize UHF frequency transmission to ensure a smooth and reliable audio experience. The UHF frequency has a longer range and better ability to penetrate obstacles, making it ideal for use in classrooms, school events, or multilingual conferences. This feature helps minimize interference and provides clear and consistent audio transmission.

⚪Noise reduction technology

The wireless translation system uses noise reduction technology to enhance audio quality. This feature helps minimize background noise, reverberation, and other unwanted sounds, ensuring that the transmitted audio is clear and understandable. It is particularly useful in environments with high ambient noise levels, such as crowded classrooms or busy conference halls.

⚪200m working range

The translation equipment offers an operating range of 200 meters, ensuring that audio signals can be transmitted and received over considerable distances. Suitable for use in a variety of educational environments, the series allows teachers, speakers, or presenters to move freely around a classroom, auditorium, or conference venue while maintaining clear communication with the audience.

⚪50 Channel IDs

The TT116 translation system provides 50 channel IDs for flexible, interference-free communication during multilingual meetings or events. This feature allows multiple translation systems to operate simultaneously without signal interference, ensuring that each language or session has its own channel.

retekess-tt116-whisper-device-channels   retekess-tt116-whisper-device-advertising-paper-position

⚪Designated advertising space

The simultaneous interpretation equipment includes designated advertising space, allowing for customization and branding opportunities. This feature enables schools or event organizers to display relevant information, logos, or sponsor advertisements on the interpretation system to maximize visibility and create a professional and organized atmosphere.

⚪Locking buttons automatically

The wireless translation system has an automatic lockout feature that helps prevent accidental changes to settings or channel selection. This feature ensures that language translation headsets remain stable during use, minimizing interruptions and maintaining consistent communication throughout an event or classroom session.

⚪Battery life

The translation system has a long battery life of up to 10 hours for the transmitter and 13 hours for the receiver on a single charge. Long standby battery life ensures uninterrupted use throughout the day, reducing the need for frequent recharging.

⚪Audio inputs

translation devices allow simultaneous use of microphone and AUX inputs. This feature allows the simultaneous use of multiple audio sources to meet different communication needs. For example, in a classroom, a teacher can play audio from an external device while speaking into the microphone, ensuring that his or her voice and audio content are transmitted to students together.

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TT116 Transmitter 

TT116 Receiver
Frequency range


Frequency range


Channel 50 channels Channel 50 channels
Working current 70mA Working current 70mA
Operating voltage DC 3.7V Operating voltage DC 3.7V
Transmitted output power 25-30dBm Audio frequency output 3.5mm earphones
Audio frequency input 3.5mm line /Microphone input Received power -106dbm
Degree of distortion <5% Degree of distortion <5%
Effective working area 200m (empty) Effective working area 200m (empty)
Capacity of battery 1000mAh Capacity of battery 1000mAh
Working hours About 10 hours Working hours About 13 hours
Size 114.8x54.8x20.6mm Size 114.8x54.8x20.6mm
Weight 65g Weight 56g 

Package Includes:

Classification of packages     package includes
1TX-20RX-1 BAG 

1x TT116 transmitter

20x TT116 receiver
1x TT016 48-slot carry bag

1xLavalier microphone

20xsingle ear headphones

21x charging cable

21 x Lanyard

1x User manual
1x headset microphone
2TX-30RX-1 BAG 

2x TT116 transmitter

30x TT116 receiver
1x TT016 48-slot carry bag

2xLavalier microphone

30xsingle ear headphones

31x charging cable

31 x Lanyard

1x User manual
2x headset microphone
2TX-48RX-1 BAG 

2x TT116 transmitter

48x TT116 receiver
1x TT016 48-slot carry bag

2xLavalier microphone

48xsingle ear headphones

49x charging cable

49 x Lanyard

1x User manual
2x headset microphone
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