Retekess Pager Buzzer for TD167F Long Range Paging System

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Prompting mode: vibrate、beep、flashing、

Standby time about 25 hours

Built-in 300mAh lithium battery

Reminder time is adjustable from 0-250s

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Retekess Pager Buzzer for TD167F Long Range Paging System

Efficient wireless communication and long-range coverage

The Retekess Pager Buzzer for TD167F Long Range Paging System utilizes advanced wireless communication technology, allowing for reliable long-distance transmission. It provides a stable signal coverage over a large area, enabling users to move freely in spacious environments without missing any important notifications.

Reliable notification and reminder functionality

This Pager Buzzer offers reliable notification and reminder features suitable for various industries and settings. When a notification or reminder needs to be sent, users simply press a button, and the receiver will receive the corresponding message, alerting them through sound, vibration, or flashing lights. This is crucial in workplaces that require real-time feedback or urgent response.

Flexible usage options and multiple configuration choices

The Pager Buzzer offers flexible usage options and a variety of configuration choices to meet different user needs. Users can customize the sound, vibration patterns, or brightness levels according to their preferences and work requirements. Additionally, they can set different notification priorities and receiver combinations based on specific situations, ensuring accurate information delivery to the intended personnel.

Highly reliable and user-friendly

The Retekess Pager Buzzer boasts a user-friendly and sleek design while maintaining high reliability. Made from durable materials, it withstands extended usage and frequent operations. Users can easily operate the device by pressing buttons or adjusting settings. This makes the Pager Buzzer an ideal choice for various work scenarios, whether it's in restaurants, hospitals, supermarkets, or factories.

Scalability and versatility

The Pager Buzzer offers excellent scalability and versatility, catering to users with different scales and requirements. Users can expand the system gradually based on their needs, adding more receivers and transmission devices to accommodate growing business demands. Additionally, the Pager Buzzer supports multiple language displays and various volume adjustment options to cater to diverse user groups.

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TD167F Pager


Three 0.25 inch digital tube display

Prompting mode


Standby time

about 25 hours


Built-in 300mAh lithium battery

Remind time

0-250s user-defined

Receiving sensitivity




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