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Retekess T114 Wireless Service Calling System 999 Channels

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Retekess T114 wireless calling system RF wireless and learning code technology support 999 wireless transmitters for your business grows; Including 10 pcs call button for guest use and 1 signal receiver of display for waiter or waitress;80m/ 262ft range signal distance in open area; Practical distance depends; Normal; Area; Room; Hospital

Retekess T114 Wireless Paging System with one display and 10 call buttons


This paging system adopts RF wireless and learning code technology, it can easily pair up to 999 channels of wireless call transmitter. When the guest is in need, he or she just press the button, then the receiver can clearly read the room number, desk number, required service with music and LED flicker. In an electronic restaurant, shouting is not necessary for service, the dining environment is greatly appreciated, and also you can provide the service in time and save the cost of employee wages.


1. Support 999 call buttons in total

2. There are 6 notice modes

3. 3 voice mode, dingdong, English broadcast, music.

4. 15 adjustment volume


Receiver Display Host

Long range distance Pager For Restaurant

The Signal Receiving Distance Between Wrist Pager and Button is up to 262ft(80m) in Open Area; Practical distance depends on the invironment.

Large volume prompt

15 levels, It adopts aluminum alloy high-protection horn;sound loud and no distortion; the general speaker 5 times volume

Super penetrating power

The design of the combination of the built-in antenna and the external antenna; this design subverts the tradition; so as to reach the wall without serial number

Multiple reminder ringtones

"buzz + number 1-999 call"; voice broadcast "number 1-999 call"; "buzz + A-F area + number 1-99 call"; "ding dong + room number + No.1-9 call”;"ding dong + room number + No.1-9 call" ; "buzz + number 1-99 call"; will also display the pager corresponding to the key service B/C(B: call;C: pay)

Multiple working mode

Normal mode1. Normal mode 2. Area mode; 3. Room mode 4. Hospital mode 5. 99 channel mode

Fixed or cycle calling records display, adjustable cycle time

You can set fixed or cycle calling records display, also display time is adjustable, large display screen, easy to read; thus both you and your customers would not worry about missing the meal anymore

Bracket and string hole design, two place methods

Bracket and string hole on the receiver’s back , easy to place, you can set it on the counter or hang it on the wall by string, save your space and satisfy your various requirements; Three-digit and colourful LED display, easy to read even at a distance

Transmitter Buttons

3 service buttons, suitable for many occasions.

3 Prompt modes; Dingdong; Music; English voice broadcast and 3 service: pay call cancel, more capabilities than other most normal single button, more durable materials; comfortable and long service life, suitable for various places and different groups, such as priest, patient, the elderly, children, nursing staff, catering staff,etc

Replaceable battery for pagers

Easy dismounting Call Transmitter Button, thus you can change battery easily and Standby Time Up to 6 months; waterproof and comfortable touch, longer service life


  • Help people freed from long lines

  • Helps manage incoming guests efficiently

  • Eliminates stress, chaos, long & ugly queues

  • Results in quicker customers turnaround

Restaurant Pager System

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Receiver Display Host
Frequency 433MHz
Letters show A.B.C.D.E.F
Adapter AC 100-240V 50/60Hz; output: DC 9V/1A
Size: 9 x 6.3 x 1.3 in

Call Transmitter Button
Power 12V/23A battery included
Emission distance 80m at open area
2.3 x 2.3 x 0.7 in
Weight 0.09lb

Package Includes
1 x Receiver Host
1 x Charger for Receiver Host
1 x English User Manual for Receiver Host
10 x Call Transmitter Button
10 x Stickers for Buttona

Q: How many pieces call button can I use in this display?

A: Max up to 999pc.

Q: Do you have other color of this call button?

A: Yes, we have the black one, but the mini quantity is 200pcs.

Q:Can you add a watch receiver to the T114 Wireless calling system? 

A: Yes, you can add watch receivers to the T114 wireless calling system. 

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