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Retekess TD161 Wireless Paging System For Food Truck

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This wireless paging system support 998 pagers, Transmitter keypad with build-in 1000 mAH battery which last 4 hours, This calling system last for 10 hours, Mute function for the restaurant pager, One transmitter with 10 pagers,

Retekess TD161 Wireless Paging System for Food Truck


This wireless calling system is using FSK modulation technology, the signal is stronger and more stable. 

With novel white appearance and comfortable mechanical keys

The pager has a built-in magnet for more reliable charging and more stable placement.


1. The transmitting host has a built-in battery, which can realize the call without being plugged in, and the call lasts for more than 4 hours.

2. One button to mute, Press MUTE then 999 (S999 displayed) then press CALL, all charging pagers change to MUTE mode. Press MUTE then 000 (S000 displayed) then press CALL, all charging pagers change to normal mode.

3. Call History,Press button H to check the recent 10 called numbers.

4. One-Call-Off, In CALL mode, press 999 then CALL, all charging pagers will be off.

5. Charging reminder, The LED light flashes when the pagers is in the charging state. After the pagers is fully charged, the indicator light will be always on.

6. The pager has a mute button, support for one-button reset.

7. Do not support multiple keyboards to call the same pager, effectively shielding interference.


Support 998 pagers

This paging system call totally add up to 998 pagers, so if you need more later, you can add more as you need. 

Support charging 20 pagers in total

If you want to charge 20 pagers,  you just need a cable connect another charge base with the orginal one, they can share one plug.

Check 10 recent call numbers

If you worried about miss some calls, you can press H to check recent 10 calls.

Mute function

The pager has mute function, you can press mute (on the keypad) and 999 to mute all the pagers. And press mute and 000 to turn off the mute.

One key to turn off all pagers

It is very easy to turn off all pagers at one time, just press 999 and call when all the pagers in the charging slots.

Built-in battery for transmitter keypad

This calling system has the transmitter with 1000mah battery, so it can work without plug in the socket. You can easily take it outside and anywhere you want. It can last 4 hours if you transmitter all the time.

Working time

This paging calling system for waiter can last for 10 hours. So please charge when it is out of power.


It can reach 700 meters with the plug in, and it can reach 300 meters with build-in battery.

Notice mode

It has two modes, vibration and flash, vibration flash and voice.


This paging system for the restaurant is very cost-effective, fashion but classic. It is the best wireless calling system for your business.

Minimize crowds in a waiting line

Reduce staff chaos & improve ambience

Notify people faster

Reduce staff cost

Improves work efficiency

Enhances the restaurant's image

Application: fast food restaurant, dessert shop, dining car, cafe, bank, supermarket, etc.

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Input Power



Li-ion 3.7V 300mAh





Transmit Power


Standby Current


Standby Power


Standby Duration


Modulation Type




Max Capacity

998 pagers

Max Distance


Backup Battery

Li-ion 3.7v 1000mAh

Prompt Mode




Prompt Time





Type-C DC5V/2A;

or DC12V/2A





Package includes:

  • 1 x Keypad Transmitter

  • 10 x Pagers

  • 1 x Charging Base

  • 1 x Power Adaptor

  • 1x Antenna

  • 1x type-c charging cable

  • 1 x English Manual

Q: How many pieces pagers can work in the one set?

A: It supports 998 pagers

Q: Can I set the number to 999?

A: NO. The number 999 is the function number.

Q: Can i customize our own logo?

A: Yes, we support, please send your logo with PSD format, we will design and print it for you.

Q: Can I power off the pagers quickly?

A: Yes, put the pagers in the charging base, and then press number 0 and call 

Q: Can I charge 20 pagers at one time?

A: Yes, you just need an extra base and connection cable. We have that.

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