Solutions for Multiple Industries SSolutions for Multiple Industries

Solutions for Multiple Industries

Improve the Overall Operational Efficiency of the Enterprises

Retekess focuses on supplying the best solutions and products for many industries, such as restaurants, clinics, retail stores, travel agencies, factories, and so on. Retekess guest paging system and calling system, which is the most popular system in the whole world, help you run the business in an efficient way. Besides, Retekess tour guide system also helps the listeners hear the sound clearly in the traveling or conference. All the products will make communication more easier and efficient to help to build your business to success. Read more to check the best products for your business.


Guest paging system, calling system, and staff paging system make the communication between staff and customers more efficient. It creates a comfortable environment for customers to improve satisfaction and loyalty.

Medical and Healthcaren

Hospitals and medical paging systems improve the work efficiency of medical staff, to keep patients reassured and cared for. It also relieves the pressure on the medical staff.


Tour guide system helps the tour group overcome the background noise and the limitation of the distance between the tourists and the tour guide. Even in a noisy environment or not allowed lower speaker places, visitors can hear the clear explanation of the guide, which improves the tourist experience and save the voice for the guiders. The most important thing is that the system can also enhance the image of the travel agencies.

Retail and Grocery Store

Retekess calling system offers the customer an instant method of contacting staff. It allows the staff can make an instant response to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.
Retail and grocery paging system allow the staffs can call the customers in time to minimize crowds in waiting areas, freeing guests from being tied to the waiting area, and controlled queues once for all.

Training and Education

The simplicity and durability of the wireless transmitter and receiver system allow education and training to be no longer confined to a small space. The instant communication between trainers and learners also ensures the efficiency and quality of training.

Interpreter Translation

The interpreting system allows interpreters to translate the spokesperson’s speech into multiple languages so that the people with multiple native languages can proceed smoothly in the church or court.


Guest paging system allows the staff to call the customers in time so that customers can hang around during the waiting time, and it can increase the utilization rate of the machine to increase the sale. The calling system reduces the response time of customers to improve satisfaction.

Hotel SPA and Salon

Guest paging system allows customers to give customers a certain amount of activity time while waiting in the rest area. With Retekess calling products, you will spend less time running around and more time in front of customers where service is king. The results will be unbelievable.


The wireless communication system provides suitable communication tools for various activities so that planners can issue orders to operators through the transmitter to carry out a certain operation. Timely and effective communication allows various activities to proceed smoothly and efficiently as scheduled.