Interpreter Translation System

With the internationalization of society, there are more and more exchanges between different countries, and the problem of language communication needs to be solved urgently. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for translation, not only for meetings between countries, for cooperation between multinational companies, but also for court hearings, cultural exchanges between churches in different countries, and even personal travel. translation. Therefore, translation equipment has become very important and valuable.

Problems encountered in translation

In the absence of equipment, the interpreter will be able to translate after the host has finished speaking. For example, in court translation, whispering is used to translate, the voice is very small, and information may be missed. Communication between church personnel is usually more than one language. Without translation equipment, the situation is even worse. The language requires a kind of translation, which will waste a lot of time and affect the efficiency and effectiveness of communication. In addition, during the epidemic, the translation equipment can also keep the participants at a distance to ensure safety.

How does interpreter translation equipment improve communication efficiency and save time

Hosts and translators wear transmitters, and listeners wear receivers. The transmitter sets up different channels for different language translators, and listeners can easily hear their own language by keeping the same channel as the translators. This not only guarantees the timeliness of translation, makes information transmission faster and more complete, but also saves a lot of time. In the same place, a system can support as many as 5-8 language translations, easily meeting daily translation needs.

Translation equipment is especially widely used in court translation and church translation. Compared with the high price and complicated installation of infrared translation equipment, the explanation equipment is very cost-effective, simple, and easy to use. It can be used when you get it without installation. Both courts and churches and individual translators can afford it.


  • Improve communication efficiency
  • save time
  • Promote international cultural exchange
  • Make translation easier

Translation can promote cultural exchanges between countries and strengthen cooperation. Translation equipment helps people solve the timeliness and improve efficiency in translation, and plays a very important role in the field of translation. Retekess will continue to work hard to provide good translation products.

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