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T114 Wireless Service Call Paging System 999 Channels, 6 Partition Modes, 3-Key Alert Call Button for Restaurant,Cafe,Bar

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Wireless calling system for restaurant supports 999 push buttons

3-key call button: call, cancel, pay

Long-range communication 262 feet in open areas

3 prompt modes: number speaker, music, ding dong

Suitable for restaurant, food court, cafe, bar, hotel, medical, office, factory

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T114 Wireless Calling System for Restaurant Includes 1 Display Receiver and 10 Call Buttons

When guests or patients need service or assistance, just press the transmitter button, the receiver can clearly display the room number, table number, required service, accompanied by voice prompts and LED flashing. This wireless calling system saves staff time, improves work efficiency, and allows customers to have a better experience.

Alert call buttons of the service calling system:

  1. 1. Small size call button save space and with stickers, it can also be fixed on the table, not easy to lose
  2. 2. Support multiple buttons: call, pay and cancel, precise selection of corresponding services
  3. 3. A single call button can be used with multiple receivers
  4. 4. Built-in 12V 23A battery, the standby time is more than 6 months, and can be detachable, the battery is easy to replace and increase the service life


5. Anti-slip design, ordinary waterproof, comfortable to touch, very durable

6. Long-range communication 262 feet in open areas

Display screen receiver for wireless calling system in restaurant:

  1. 1. Compatible with all Retekess transmitter buttons, support 999 channels, and can serve more customers

2. Prompt ways: number speaker, music playing, ding dong mode, and color LED flashing lights. Visual and audible double reminder, never miss any information

3. Adjustable volume: 0 to 15 levels, 00 means mute, choose the appropriate volume according to the environment

4. 6 partition modes: You can customize the working mode, distinguish different floors or room numbers, so as to confirm the customer's location in time when the guest needs help

5. Call display: fixed or cyclic display, so that staffs do not forget or miss, and set time: cyclic display time setting : 001-180s; delete time setting : 001-240s; timeout prompt time setting : 001-180s

6. Signal stability: with built-in antenna, can be extend, strong penetration, stable reception

7. Easy to place: stand on the table by the support at the back, or fixed on the wall (with a rope or hanging on a nail on the wall)



The key name of the call button can be customized, the key to call, cancel, pay is suitable for restaurants. We can also help you customize the button name suitable for your work scene, such as in the hospital, you can set the call, take medicine, go to the toilet, abbreviated as letters, and let the service personnel prepare what they need to bring.

1. Call system for restaurant

The customer calls the waiter, and the waiter provides the service in a timely manner, so that the customer has a royal experience


  • 2. Caregiver pager system

The patient calls the nurse, the nurse gets there immediately, without wasting any time, time is life

3. The wireless calling system is also suitable for offices, factories, warehouses, nursing homes, food courts, bars, cafes, clubs

  • retekess-t114-wireless-service-calling-system-for-bars-cafes-clubs
  • retekess-t114-wireless-service-calling-system-for-offices-factories-warehouse

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The Wireless Calling System For Restaurant Specification:

Receiver Display Host

Call Transmitter Button

Frequency   433MHz Power battery included 12V/23A
Letters show A.B.C.D.E.F Emission distance 80m/262 in (at open area)
Adapter AC 100-240V 50/60Hz Size 2.3 x 2.3 x 0.7 in
Output DC 9V/1A Weight 0.09lb
Size 9 x 6.3 x 1.3 in    

Package Includes:

1 x Receiver Host

1 x Charger for Receiver Host

1 x English User Manual for Receiver Host

10 x Call Transmitter Buttons

10 x Stickers for Buttons

Q: How many pieces call button can I use in this display?

A: Max up to 999pc.

Q: Do you have other color of this call button?

A: Yes, we have the black one, but the mini quantity is 200pcs.

Q: Can you add a watch receiver to the T114 Wireless calling system restaurant? 

A: Yes, you can add watch receivers to the T114 wireless calling system. 

Q: Can the pagers hang on neck with neck straps?

A: The buttons of the T114 cannot be hung around the neck. The Retekess call buttons that can be hung around the neck include TD019, TD009, TH001, which can also be used with TT114.

Q: Is it possible to turn the volume completely off?

A: Yes. There are 15 levels of volume, where 00 (the minimum volume) means mute.

Q: Does the alarm continue to sound until it is cancelled or does it only sound once?

A: It will only beep once when you press the button, and it will be displayed on the screen until you press the "Back" button. You can set the automatic cycle time, overtime reminder time and automatic deletion time to carry out your work.

Q: Does it keep order with who pressed the button first?

A: The screen will be replaced by the number of the newly pressed button, but it can cycle display all the numbers called. Besides, it can also change Display cycle time, Delete time and Timeout prompt time.

Q: How far is the communication distance?

A: 262ft/80m (actually it is call button transmission distance) in open areas; display receiver up to 656ft/200m.

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Highly recommended
It is nicely packed and delivered. The call bells are easy to pair with clear and well written instructions.Setup is pretty straightforward and the range is sufficient for our facility and the buttons are easy to push. It has been working great for our clients and customers. Highly recommended.

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