T115 Wireless Guest Pager System IP33 Waterproof for Restaurant

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IP33 Waterproof and oil-proof, easy to clean up grease and stains

Long working range: 500M/ 1640ft

2 prompt modes: Vibration + flash; Buzzer + vibration + flash

LED dot matrix display: Large and clear numbers, anti-reflective

Extra pagers up to 99; One key shut down all the pagers

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Advantage of Retekess T115 Wireless Guest Calling System
Compact size of T115 guest calling system                        
Compact size
  • Surfaces of transmitter base and pagers are frosted; which are abrasion resistant and difficult to leave a fingerprint                             

  • ONLY 1 Transmitter included in our package

customize paper of T115 guest calling system                        

Easy to customize paper

  • The picture can be changed on the front of the pagers

  • Add your own logo picture by taking out the front plastic transparent

  • Remove the front plastic cover and the paper below it

  • Push the little recessed function key to pair more 99 pagers or change prompt mode

  • Offer free customize logo paper for purchasing more than 50 pagers
One key to shut down all the pagers of T115 calling system                        

One key to shut down all the pagers

Waterproof and Oil-proof Transmitter

    Integrated interface keyboard is waterproof and oil resistant, no button gap and avoid be corroded; 12 keys easy to operate, faster setting

    • Push 99+call button on transmitter keypad to turn off all pagers during charging statue, no need to shout down beepers one by one.

    Long working range of T115 guest calling system                        

    Long working range

    • The paging range between the charging base and buzzers is 500m with no obstruction

    • PLL technology, millions of different learning codes to reduce signal interference

    T115 guest calling system using in kitchen                        

    Kitchen get to waiter directly

    1. Can be used in your restaurant kitchen to inform servers or guests when order is ready

    2. The kitchen gets to the waiter directly, reduces intermediate links, and saves time effectively. The greatest addition to your business

    T115 guest calling system use for church                        

    Use for Church Nursery:

    1. Perfectly eliminate disrupting services by walking thru to find parents

    2. No need to leave the nursery, just simply activate the pager and Mom shows up

    3. Quiet mode as its making a joyful vibration without buzzing over the Paging System

    T115 guest calling system use for clinic                        

    Works awesome for SOHO Clinic /Hospital

    1. Doctors push the paired number on the charger station to call the next patient

    2. Patients will hear/see/feel the Buzzer/ Light/Vibration of the pager then enter the clinic

    T115 guest calling system use for shopping mall                        

    Use for shopping mall

    1. Keyboard transmitter placed in the pick-up counter

    2. The customer enters the shopping area(you can see that from the monitor)

    3. The reception press the corresponding No. to call the shopping guide in that area.

    4. Give fast guiding service and make more sales

    Note: Please use the product on the table which be made of wood, plastic, glass and other materials, and avoid the table top of metal and marble.


    wireless calling system application pagers.jpg

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    Keypad Transmitter Pager Receiver
    Dimension 282x160x37mm Dimension 106x53x9mm
    Net weight 696g Net weight 45g
    Power supply DC12V 2A Material ABS
    Launch distance 500m in an open area Li-polymer 3.7V 200mAh
    Standby time about 3 hours

    Package Includes:

    Option Package Details
    1 keypad + 18pagers Pagers x 18
    Keypad x 1
    Charger x 1
    English User Manual x 1
    1 keypad + 25 pagers Pagers x 25
    Keypad x 1
    Charger x 1
    English User Manual x 1

    Q: How many pieces of pagers can I use in one guest paging system?

    A: It supports 99 pieces of pagers. Click here for T115 extra pagers.

    Q: How many prompt ways does it have?

    A: Two ways: Vibration + beep + flashing / Vibration + flashing.

    Q: Can I shut down all the pagers in one key?

    A: Yes, press 99+ call, shut down all the pagers. Note: The pagers should be in the keypad transmitter.

    Q:How it works?

    A: If you are running a restaurant, after the customer orders the meal, the waiter will give the pager to the guest and record the pager number, and the guest will return to his seat to wait. When the customer's meal is ready, the chef or waiter presses the customer's number on the keyboard to call the customer to pick up the meal. The customer returns the pager and takes away the meal.

    The same principle can be applied to other places where customers need to be paged, such as bars, cafes, bakeries, banks, food trucks, church nurseries, clubs, etc.

    Click here to view the T115 FAQ blog, if you still have other questions, please feel free to contact us by phone at +86-15639073051 or email at support@retekess.com

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