Retekess Watch Server TD106 Wireless Calling System Watch Receiver of Kitchen Club Clinic

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Retekess TD106 watch receive Key content can be customized Dot matrix LCD screen

7 prompt modes: light vibration and sound, combine freely

One number can learn more than one call button

IP54 waterproof TD106 watch receiver has a 400mAh rechargeable battery

Charging for 3-4 hours; standby for 48 hours

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The design is inspired by constellations, dynamic and fashionable

The surface of the black pager adopts environmentally friendly PU technology, with a pearl effect

Made of ABS and silicone, waterproof, and drop resistant

Pager with base for easy fixing and disassembly, you can take off the belt very easily and clean it

It is very soft and wears very comfortable


1. Add call button and Delete call button

2. Custom Key content by yourself

3. Single key and multi-key working mode

4. Live view and queue view display mode

5. Three notice modes, light vibration, and sound combine freely

6. Prompt time setting, Remove time setting, and Cycling time setting

Add call button and Delete call button

Add call button: It supports 500 call buttons and 4 figures, you can combine 0-9 and 26 English letters freely

Delete call button:You can delete one encode or all at one time

Key function

You can set the key content by yourself if the one in the watch receiver doesn’t have the one you need

Work mode

Single key:one key can only pair one receiver, ex. Eg. TD005 call button has 5 keys, you want to use 5 keys, you need to pair with 5 watch receivers

Multi-key:If you have a 3 keys call button, all three keys can pair with one watch receiver. And all 3 keys can custom the key content


It is an IP54 waterproof receiver, so if you need a waterproof one, you can choose this one

Display mode

You can set a live view that shows the latest record on the first line

You can set queue view which shows the new earliest call record on the first line

You can set a date and time

It will show English on the screen

Prompt mode

light vibration and sound, combine freely

Time setting

Notice timing:choose from 0-15 seconds,0 means notice all the time until press has done

Remove timingcall record delete, choose from 0-99seconds. 0 means never clean

cycle timing:call record notice time, choose from 0-99second before the call record cleaned, it will show the notice again after the setting time.

00 means no cycle notice

Charging time

When you charge, there will be a red indicator, when it is fully charged, there is no light. It can be on standby for 50 hours

Factory reset

Find factory reset and long-press yes, it will be done

Keyboard set

This watch receiver can be used with a keypad call system, only work with specified one(which not included) receive 00-09 means the same area of

the keypad, 10 areas available. OFF ALL means turn off this function.

Note: All Retekess call buttons can work with TD106

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Retekess watch server TD106

Working voltage DC3.7V
Input power 5V
Standby current <8.5mA
Battery 400 m AH
Wireless frequency 433MHz
Receive Sensitivity -108
Receiving distance 100 meter (open area)
Working temperature -10℃ ~50℃
Size 47×45×18mm
Net Weight 48g
Color Black
Standby time >2 Day
Waterproof Grade IP54
Standy time 50 hours

Package Includes:

2/3/5 x TD106 Wireless Watch Receivers (Quantity optional)

1 x Micro-USB cable

1 x User manual


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