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Retekess TD101 Wireless Keyboard Call Button Transmitter

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The keyboard call button transmitter supports 999 channels with long transmission range, can work with all Retekess wrist watch receiver or host wall receivers, work in different applications such as kitchen, factory, clinic, and so on.

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Retekess TD101 999 Channel Wireless Keyboard Call Button Transmitter

The wireless transmitter keyboard can send 999 different signals by combination for digit 0-9. For restaurant use, while the customer places an order, he(she) will be dispatched a number, when the order is ready, press the keypad to call the number, the host will display and clear readout the number, that's greatly improve the efficiency of the customer service. So it is widely used in fast food restaurant, food court, bank, clinic, church, cafe, hospital, bar and auto shop or other queue occasions to improve work efficiency.

1. High quality plastic number key, long time for use

2. Non-drop oil material, easy to clean, can suit working place well

3. Pair with receiver, then eay to opperate, there are 3 function key: key, pager up and back

4. There are 999 channels, you can pair 999 wrist receiver.(The price just for one keyboard, if you need wrist watch pager, pls contact us)

5.  Learning code Working chip, Strong signal, distance can readh up to 120M in open area

6. Differnt applications, you can use it in restaurant, clinic, bank, where need to queue call

We solve the communication between waiter and counter, waiter and kitchen, to improve woking effectiveness

Creat pleasant environment and enhance restaurant image to grow your restaurant business


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Retekess TD101 Keypad Transmitter Call Button Specification: 

  • Keypad Transmitter



    Nixie Tube

    0.56 inch*4

    IP Rating


    RF Power


    Net Weight


    Power Supply

    DC 9V/1A


    433MHz(amplitude modulation)

    Dimensions of product


    Material of Product

    ABS Quality Environmentally friendly ABS

  • Note: This keyboard transmitter adopts a learning code chip, it must be used with the receiver in our store.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Keyboard transmitter

  • 1 x Adapter

Q:Where I can use the keypad?

A: You can use it in the kitchen, clinic and so on, where need to call number.

Q: Which other items should it work with?

A:Pls check TD105, they can work together. https://www.retekess.com/TD105-Host-Receiver-RF-Wireless-Calling-System

Q: How many numbers can I program?

A:it's 999.

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