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Retekess T117 Wireless Push for Service Call Buttons for Restaurant Healthcare Hospital, 3 Languages

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Retekess T117 Wireless Call Button provides multiple language options:


Four key functions: Call, Cancel, Pay, Order, can meet various needs

Widely use in restaurants, coffee shops, bars, spas, salons clubs, and nursery 

Stable signal, sturdy material, anti-drop

ABS engineering plastic material, more durable, support customize

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Retekess T117 push for service buttons adopts compact body design; small size; it can be a good choice for restaurant use; you can paste the round pager on the desk with dual side sticker; convenient for customer use; no need to worry about pager lost problem


4 Keys Function

Call, Cancel, Pay, Order Function Key

Very easy for guest use, especially in restaurants; you can get to know your customer detailed wants; watch pager can improve the working efficiency effectively

Light Weight

27g or 1oz net weight for the pager;

Round Style design; Easy to handhold;

The service call button will not take up so much space on the table

ABS Material

The call button T117 adopts quality ABS material; more sturdy; it is waterproof and oil-proof in restaurant or food truck use

Sticker Design

It comes with a dual adhesive sticker in the package

So you can paste the coaster pager fixed on the food table; there is no need to worry about pager loss issues

Battery Replacement

Watch pager is built-in 2pcs 3V CR2016 battery

17mA Working current means low current draw for long use

You can also replace the battery when they run out; humanized design

Stable Signal

Calling pagers use higher working frequency with learning code

Compared with fixed code type, the signal interference can be well controlled with better signal stability

retekess t117 push for service buttons

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1.Brand: Retekess

2.Model: T117

3.Small, low current draw

4.RF frequency: 433MHz

5.Modulation mode: ASK (AM)

6.Working chip: learning code

7.Power: 3V CR2016 battery (included)

8.Working current: 17mA

9.Emission distance: 200 meters (open area)

10.Working temperature: -20 Celsius to 55 Celsius

11.Size: 64 x 61 x 15mm / 2.5 x 2.4 x 0.6 in

12.Weight: 27g / 1oz

13.Has sticker, can be fixed on the table

14.Four key: Call, Cancel, Pay, Order

A Retekess T117 Wireless Call Button is equipped with a call button and a sticker.

Q: How should I use the call button?

A: The call button is a transmitter, you need to use it with a watch pager receiver or a screen receiver.

Q: How many languages can I choose?

A: English, Russian, Portuguese.

Q: Can I replace the battery in the button?

A: Yes. You can snap it off from the back cover, the battery model is CR2016.

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