Retekess TD124 Wireless Calling System Display Receiver PC Connection

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Waiter call system includes TD124 display receiver

PC connection to monitor real-time call information and export call records

Built with a retractable antenna to produce long communication distance

Connect external audio sound

4 prompt sound options and 16 specific service types

Retekess TD124 Wireless Calling System Display Receiver PC Connection

Retekess TD124 Wireless Calling System is a new display receiver that supports PC connection to export calling records for taff Appraisal. The display receiver is compatible with all Retekess push call buttons. It is perfect for restaurant management, hospitals, factories, pubs, etc, also it helps businesses to maintain social distancing during the pandemic.

Compared with normal service calling systems in the market, the TD124 display receiver has more advantages for employee assessment and management.

Service Calling System with a Large Display Screen

6 group call information could be shown at the same time, never miss a customer’s needs even there are many customers ask for help at the same time. If a larger display screen needed, we can custom the special size for you. The MOQ only 10pcs.

TD124 Wireless Calling System Supports PC connection to monitor real-time call information and export call records

It comes with CD with software, connect the display receiver to a computer will allow the manager to monitor real-time call information. Also, the call information and provide service time could be exported. The statistical reports could be based on an area, a waiter, or total service provided. It makes it easy for staff management.

Work with RFID card (Only available with TD018 table call button)

If you have more than one waiter, each waiter can wear a small RFID card, after providing service, just use it to scan the TD018 call button to distinguish which employee provides services to the specific customer. It allows managers to analyze the service attitude of a certain employee.

Prompt Volume Adjustable and Able to Connect External Speaker

The calling system itself has 6 levels of prompt sound volume, it suitable for most occasions. For some special areas which need much louder volume, you could connect an external speaker with a 3.5mm audio line.

Table Service Calling System with Reliable Signal and Long Communication Range

The display receiver built with a high sensitivity retractable antenna. Range up to 200m with a regular call button. If you use a better call button like TD004 model, the range can reach up to 500m in the open area.

Remote Control

The TD124 display receiver could pair with the remote control which makes it easier to operate the calling system. The user will not need to pick it up to change settings.

Add 999 Call Buttons

TD124 wireless calling system could pair 999 call buttons in total, meet the different requirements of large and small enterprises.

4 Types of Prompt Music Mode and 16 Key-Value Option for Different Types of Businesses

The prompt music mode could be set from the following options:

0: Speaking Number only

1: Ding-Dong + Speaking Number (Default);

2: Airport Broadcast Voice only;

3: Mute (no voice)

And there are 16 key values to distinguish the service type that customers need for staff to provide the corresponding services in time.

Key Values: Order, Call, Checkout, Cancel, Bill, Pay, Service, Water, Coffee, Beer, Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction, Emergency, Doctor, Nurse, Change Medication, Pulling Needle

TD124 service calling system work with all call buttons from Retekess. If you need to use it for staff appraisal, you will have to use the display receiver with TD018 table call button.

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TD124 Waiter Calling System specification:

Dimension: 310*153*45mm

Material: Aluminum alloy

Receiving sensitivity: -110dB

Rx Frequency: 433MHz

stand-by current: 200mA

Working current: 650mA

Power Adapter Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz

Output: DC 12V, 2A

Q: If the TD124 calling system comes with software?

A: Yes, the software is included in the Disc. 

Q: Which model of the call buttons can I use with the TD124 display receiver

A: You could use all of Retekess call buttons, if you need the RFID card to distinguish which staff provided the service, you need to use TD018 table call button. 

Q: If multiple call buttons are pushed at the same time does it display each individual call on the screen or only one?

A: All the calls will be displayed on the display receiver

Q: Can the volume be turned off if I just want display?

A: Yes you can. You just need to set the Prompt Sound to MUTE. 

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