Retekess TD157 Wireless Guest Pager System with 26 Pagers for Restaurant, Church Nursery

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The distance can be up to 300M in an open area

Modes: beep and flash; flash only

Prompt time is adjustable from 1-99s

Max add 998 restaurant pagers

Press 999 and call button to turn off all charging pagers

Touch-sensitive keyboard

Widely used in the restaurant; hospitals; church nursery

Note: Please use the product on the table which be made of wood, plastic, glass and other materials, and avoid the table top of metal and marble.

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Scenarios of application:

The TD157 Wireless Guest Paging System can be used in the church nursery, where children play in the nursery under the care of the church staff while their parents go to prayers. If there is an emergency or the child needs help from the parents, the staff can call the parents on the keypad and the parents will be prompted to come quickly.

retekess scenarios for td157 wireless guest paging system in church nursery and bookstore

If you use the TD157 in a bookshop to serve a customer who has purchased a coffee, you can turn off the beeping mode and turn on blinking only. This way you won't disturb other customers who are reading a book.

Retekess TD157 Wireless Guest Paging System can use in restaurants, hospitals, church nurseries, food trucks, coffee shops,  bookstores, dessert shops, and anywhere you need to wait.


retekess features of the td157 wireless guest paging system

1. There are two prompting modes: beep and flashing; only flashing.

2. Prompt times can be set from 1-99s.

3. The transmitting host adopts touch keys, with better waterproof performance.

4. The product is equipped with an external antenna, the signal is more stable and the calling distance can reach more than 300m.

5.300mAh lithium battery built into the menu board, longer standby time.

6.3-digit digital tube is used in the main transmitter, supporting a maximum of 998 menu calls.

7. Press 999 and call button on the pager system keypad to shut down all charging restaurant pagers, and save manage time greatly.

8. The shape adopts an anti-symmetrical design, simple and generous.

9. Using AM modulation technology, the signal is stronger and more stable.

10. Pager surface content customizable.

Benefits of use:

Improves work efficiency

Minimize crowds in the waiting line

Reduce staff chaos & improve the ambiance

Notify people faster

Reduce staff cost

Enhances the restaurant's image

Note: Please use the product on the table which be made of wood, plastic, glass and other materials, and avoid the table top of metal and marble.

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TD157  Wireless Guest Paging System Pager



Material of Housing


Receiving Sensitivity


Standby Time

Approximately 20 hours


Built-in 3.7V 300mAh rechargeable lithium battery

Rx Frequency


Reminder Method

Buzzing & LED Flashing

Distance of Transmission

About 300 meters in a wide-open field

Protection Level


TD157  Wireless Guest Paging System Keypad



Material of Housing


Transmitting Power

1 mW

Tx Frequency


Power Adapter

Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz

Output: DC 12V, 1A

Keypress Method

Touch type



Package Includes:

Pagers x 26

Power Adaptor x 1

Keypad Transmitter x 1 

User manual x 1

Digital Stickers x 1

Q: Can I turn off the beeping sound?

A: There are two prompt modes available: beep+flash; only flash. If you want to turn off the beep:Enter the 【F3】 setting mode, the default screen flashes “01”. At this time, after inputting “0 (off)” from the keyboard, press the [Call] button to save.

Q: Can it be used with more pagers?

A: Max adds 998 restaurant pagers.

Q: Can I set the vibration mode?

A: No, the TD157 Wireless Guest Paging System is not equipped with a motor and does not have a vibration mode.

Q: How about working distance?

A: Working distance up to 300m in open areas

Q: How do I pair them?

A: First remove all extensions from the base, then enter the setting mode, The default screen will flash "01", insert the extension to be set into the charging slot and the function light will flash. After 3 seconds of entering the new ID number "1-998" from the keypad, the extension will then be prompted to flash (four lights on, three, etc. flashing) is set successfully, remove the extension, and set the next one in turn. After removing the extension, set the next one in turn, until all extensions are set, and then press the [Clear] key to exit.

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