Retekess TT110 2.4G Tour Guide System for Tourism Large Screen

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Wireless tour guide system 2.4G with large size display

Rechargeable audio guide system support 15 hours of continuous work

Easy and reliable auto paring wireless transmitter and receiver

9999 channels, mute function, and adjustable volume

Turn off all paired receivers remotely

Communication range up to 100m in the open area

Portable transmitter supports microphone and Aux audio input at the same time

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Retekess TT110 wireless tour guide system is a new model in 2020 with better audio quality and customer-concentric features, the whisper tour guide system designed with a large size of IPS display screen, upgraded magnetic charging method, it adopts latest 2.4G transmission technology, range up to 100m in the open area with stable signal and better confidentiality. The wireless transmitter and receivers are ideal for tourism, church translation, factory tour, court interpreter translation, training, and education.

Wireless tour guide system is a powerful wireless group communication tool challenging noise environments. No wires, no complicated setup. Just simple, mobile, hands-free, barrier-free.

features of the retekess tt110 tour guide system

Latest 2.4G technology

Compared with FM, UHF, and VHF frequencies, the 2.4g technology makes communications more confidential, no worry about the cross-frequency with other devices.

Auto pairing and remote turn off wireless receivers

Another advantage of 2.4G technology is making it possible for wireless transmitter and receiver auto-pairing, no matter your group with 10 passengers or hundreds of passengers, just need to take few steps to pairing all receivers with the transmitter. The best way to improve efficiency.

Rechargeable Tour Guide System and Working for 15 Hours

TT110 tour guide system could be continuously used for 15 hours (receiver), the transmitter could work for 10 hours. Save time to recharging the device. Also no extra cost for batteries. We also have the rechargeable/carrying/storage box for the TT110 audio guide system.

Easy to Operate and Use Guide System

Each wireless transmitter and receiver designed with a large size IPS display, the information is shown more clearly. Channels ID, battery level, volume level, signal status could be clearly seen by customers, avoid missing information caused by incorrect settings.

Portable Transmitter with Mic and AUX Audio Input Options

The wireless transmitter designed with 2 input ports, one for a 3.5mm microphone and another for audio with a 3.5mm AUX line, you could use any one way of them or both of the inputs ways at the same time. Ideal for guides who need on-site explanations and audio playback to switch at any time.

Long range wireless tour guide system

It is a one-way guide system with a range of up to 100m in the open area, it is made of the latest chip to ensure a stable signal and crystal clear sound. It is enough for a guide to speaking at the factory, city or museum tour in large rooms, noisy areas, or larger groups.

TT110 wireless tour guide system

TT110 tour guide system with large size IPS color screen

Other Features

5 volume levels for transmitter and receiver

Large IPS color screen makes information display more clear and rich

3.5mm headphone jack, compatible with almost all 3.5mm headphones in the market

9999 channels allow different groups to work in the same place

Mute control from the wireless transmitter

Comes with microphone, headphone, Aux cable

They are suitable for church, courtroom, school, conference, auditorium, sermon, factory tour, and so on

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Frequency range 2400-2480MHz
Channel 9999 channels
Output power 10mW
Power supply Built-in 1000mAh lithium battery
Working time About 12 hours
Working distance 100 meters (open air)
Size 94*49*13mm
Weight 50g
Frequency range 2400-2480MHz
Channel 9999 channels
Power supply Built-in 500mAh lithium battery
Working time About 14 hours
Size 94*49*13mm
Weight 42g
Input voltage 5V

Question: can the tour guide system translate creole to English?

Answer: Hello friend, the device is in need of human translation, the system can't a translation. Hope this can help you.

Question: Can the tour guide system support human interpretation into 4 languages at the same time? Thank you!

Answer:  Hello friend, yes, you need to use 4 different frequencies for 4 languages.

Question: I purchased the transmitter at 100t with two hooks over the ear earphones. the earphones are broken. how can I get two replacement earphones?

Answer: Hello friend, so sorry for this issue, if you need two replacement earphones, you can contact us.

Question: Can I connect from the pc speaker out to the transmitter mic by 3.5mm male to the male connector?

Answer: Hello friend, the tour guide system support AUX cable to connect pc. Any issue, please email us freely.

Question: Can I use the headset speaker for this transmitter?

Answer: Hello friend, yes, we have the headset speaker, feel free to contact us to get one.

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