Retekess TT117 TT118 Wireless Translation System For Interpreter Conference Interpret 72-76 MHz

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  • The TT117 transmitter will broadcast a speaker’s voice on one of seventeen available channels, 72-76 MHz, to listeners using a TT118 receiver. 
  • Supports one-key locking of transmitter and one-key muting of transmitter
  • The wireless translation system supports stereo-mode transmission
  • 2 AA battery-powered
  • The transmitter supports external audio input and AUX audio input
  • Application scenarios: conference translation, church sermons, simultaneous interpretation, etc.

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The wireless translation system brings great convenience to translators, conveying the interpreter's voice to the people who need to hear it.

17 channels

The wireless translation system supports 8 groups of interpreters operating at the same place at the same time. There are 17 channels in total. The channels do not interfere with each other. People in the meeting who speak different languages can easily listen to the meeting information in the corresponding language through the wireless receiver.


One-touch silent transmitter

During a meeting, when the translator needs to move or take a break temporarily or does not want the audience to hear his voice, he can press the mute button to mute the transmitter with one click, which can avoid unnecessary interference or noise to the audience and bring a better experience to users. 

One-click to lock the transmitter

Adjust the power switch to lock/on to lock/unlock the transmitter, effectively avoiding accidental touches during work and ensuring safe and efficient communication.

Stereo transmission

The translation device supports stereo transmission, allowing listeners to experience translated content with high sound quality, creating an immersive conference experience.

AA battery powered

It can be powered by two AA batteries. There is no need for frequent charging or excessive reliance on power sockets. The device can be used normally by simply replacing the battery, which greatly improves the convenience of use.


Any extension

The transmitter supports connecting any number of receivers to work simultaneously, allowing you to add or remove receivers as the number of people in your group changes. This means that whether it is a small or large group, the TT117 wireless translation system can accommodate all participants.

Working range

A high-quality listening experience can be maintained even if the distance between the translator and the audience is long, because the working range of this wireless translation system can reach 80m (262 feet), which can meet the needs of many groups.

Other features

1. Support MIC input and AUX input

2. A portable translation, simple operation and easy to carry

3. Equipped with LCD display to display battery power

4. The volume is adjustable, choose the appropriate volume independently

Main differences with FM transmitters

-TT117 TT118 tour guide system translation equipment frequency is 72-76MHz:

  1. 1.Helps ensure minimal interference from other wireless devices, such as cell phones, Wi-Fi networks, or other broadcast devices, allowing for clearer communications.
    2. Good signal penetration. Generally has good penetration ability against walls, objects and obstacles.
    3. Provide sufficient coverage for most translation scenarios to ensure that all participants clearly hear the interpreter's translation.
  2. -Stereo sound, the sound is more realistic and clear, giving the listener an immersive experience.

Application scenarios

Suitable for wireless conferences, wireless teaching, simultaneous interpretation, corporate reception, factory visits, church sermons, etc.


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Specification of TT117 TT118 portable translation system:

TT117 Transmitter

TT118 Receiver

Frequency range




17 channels

17 channels

Power supply

2 AA batteries

2 AA batteries

Working hours

8 hours

10 hours

working voltage



Working range

80 meters

80 meters







Package List:

Package Package Include
1TX+6 RX+6 Headset

1x transmitter

6x receiver

1x lavalier microphone

6x single-ear headphones

7x lanyard

1x user manual

6x Headset

1TX+10 RX+10 Headset

1x transmitter

10x receiver

1x lavalier microphone

10x single-ear headphones

11x lanyard

1x user manual

10x Headset 

1TX+15 RX+15 Headset

1x transmitter

15x receiver

1x lavalier microphone

15x single-ear headphones

16x lanyard

1x user manual

15x Headset 

1TX+20 RX+20 Headset

1x transmitter

20x receiver

1x lavalier microphone

20x single-ear headphones

21x lanyard

1x user manual

20x Headset 

Q: How many receivers can be expanded?
The transmitter can be extended with any number of receiver devices for use together.

Q: Is there an electronic version of the manual?
Yes, click here to see the instructions for all products.

Q: Does the product have a warranty?
Yes, we offer a two-year warranty, if you have any other questions please email,and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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