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Retekess TT119 Desktop Transmitter Long range for Conference Translation FM Multi-channel Transmitter

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Desktop FM receiver transmitter integrates receiving and transmitting functions

The working range can reach 300m/980ft 

17 channels

One click to mute

Compact and lightweight

Clear sound and high sound restoration

Screen automatically locks (no operation for 2 minutes)

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  1. retekess tt119 fm desktop transmitter for conference translation
  2. TT119 tour guide system is an FM multi-channel transmitter designed for language translation, it can wirelessly transmit original audio, background music to be translated and translated audio signals.

    Integrated device
    Our TT119 desktop FM receiver transmitter integrates receiving and transmitting functions, which saves space and is easy to carry, so you no longer have to worry about carrying multiple devices.

    Original language button
    The TT119 conference translation desktop transmitter not only transmits the translated content to the speaker, but also switches to the original language when translation is not needed, which is convenient and efficient.

    Mute function
    When you don’t want others to hear your translation, you can mute the TT119 FM desktop transmitter with just one click,  keep your  translations private and confidential.

    Working distance
    300m/980ft long range FM transmitter,  which can achieve longer distance transmission and is suitable for large conferences.

    17 channels
    Each channel can be dedicated to transmitting a specific language without interference from other languages.

    Clear sound
    The best translation system supports stereo sound which bringing you a more realistic and immersive listening experience.

  3. retekess tt119 fm transmitter with 17 channels                            retekess tt119 fm transmitter clear sound
  4. External audio input
    Providing greater flexibility and allowing the TT119 FM multi-channel transmitter to adapt to different audio source requirements.The conference translation equipment supports XLR/AUX/USB/RCA audio input.

  5. Small size and portable
    The TT119 wireless FM desktop transmitter won't take up too much space, you don't have to worry about the problem of being too large, whether in a conference room or on the podium, you can use it easily.

    Widely used

  6. The TT119 simultaneous interpretation system which could be used as conferences, church translation, school education and traveling.

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TT119 Transmitter
Size 173*154*58mm
Weight of main unit 1030g
Operating temperature -20~+40 degree Celsius
Frequency 72~76MHz
Number of channels 17
Operating Voltage 12V
Power supply 100-240V AC
Signal to mania ratio >60dB
Radiation Spurious ≤-60dB
Channel spacing 100KHz
Stereo separation 1KHz>35dB
Input audio XLR, AUX, RCA, U disk MIC
Transmission distance 300 meters (power H file, open and no obstruction)
Distortion  ≤0.2%
Storage function power failure storage function
Recording function U disk recording can be realized
MIC input one way MIC, automatic gain control

Product packaging details

TT119 Transmitter 1
power adapter 1
headset microphone 1
Instruction manual 1

What is the warranty policy?

We offer a 2-year warranty.(The warranty period for accessories is two months. Accessories include but are not limited to antennas, headphones, etc.)

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