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Retekess TT119 TT118 Professional Translation Equipment Long Range for Language Translation and Church Translation

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FM multi-channel transmitter designed for language translation

Working range up to 300m/980ft 

Integrated receiving and transmitting

Clear sound quality and supports stereo settings

Original sound button

External audio input

Volume adjustable

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  1. retekess tt119 professional simultaneous interpretation system
  2. The TT119 professional translation equipment integrates transmitting and receiving, with original sound buttons. It is suitable for church translation, school education and other scenarios, effortlessly breaking language barriers.

    Integrated receiving and transmitting
    With just one device. You don't need to wear an additional receiver, you can listen to the original sound source input on the transmitter end. It is convenient, efficient and portable. The TT119 interpretation equipment brings you unlimited convenience.

    Original sound button
    If you don’t want the listeners to hear the translated content, you can use the original sound button, which can be switched freely to meet your needs, simple and practical.

    Mute function
    This allows translators to stop transmitting sound when needed to protect privacy, avoid distractions, and provide a smooth translation experience.

    External audio input
    The TT119 simultaneous interpretation system is compatible with other audio source devices and supports XLR/AUX/RCA/USB input.

    17 channels
    Each channel can be dedicated to transmitting a specific language, making it possible to choose to receive a specific language without interference from other languages.

    Working distance
    300m/980ft  transmission range ensures clear and consistent transmission. Even in large church settings, translated content can reach every corner of the church, fostering a sense of unity among worshipers.

    Clear sound quality
    Mono can be changed to stereo sound which can give listeners a more realistic and three-dimensional sound environment, making people feel as if they are actually there.

  3. retekess tt119 professional translation equipment no in ear detals                                 retekess tt119 professional translation equipment volume adjustment
  4. Non-in-ear earphones
    There is no need to insert the earphones into the ears, which is better in terms of hygiene and will not cause wax buildup or cause ear canal infections.

    Volume adjustable
    The wide volume range is suitable for different scenes and environments. Choose a lower volume indoors or increase the volume to ensure clear audibility outdoors.

    Receiver battery
    Keep listening flowing with the TT118 translation system receiver's 2AA batteries, supporting up to 10 hours of continuous using.

    Application scenarios
    The TT119 TT118 language translation equipment ensures that you can enjoy seamless and accurate translations at anywhere like international conferences, academic conferences, travel guides, simultaneous interpretation, church, court and school education. Designed to solve communication barriers. 

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TT119 Transmitter
Size 173*154*58mm
Weight of main unit 1030g
Operating temperature -20~+40 degree Celsius
Frequency 72~76MHz
Number of channels 17
Operating Voltage 12V
Power supply 100-240V AC
Signal to mania ratio >60dB
Radiation Spurious ≤-60dB
Channel spacing 100KHz
Stereo separation 1KHz>35dB
Input audio XLR, AUX, RCA, U disk MIC
Transmission distance 300 meters (power H file, open and no obstruction)
Distortion  ≤0.2%
Storage function power failure storage function
Recording function U disk recording can be realized
MIC input one way MIC, automatic gain control
TT118 Receiver

Frequency range



17 channels

Power supply

2 AA batteries

Working hours

10 hours

Working voltage


Working range

80 meters





Product packaging details

Classification of packages     package includes

1x TT119 transmitter; 5x TT118 receiver; 5xEarphones; 1x Power adapter; 5 x Lanyard; 1x User manual; 1x headset microphone

1 TX + 10 RX

1x TT119 transmitter; 10x TT118 receiver; 10xEarphones; 1x Power adapter; 10 x Lanyard; 1x User manual; 1x headset microphone

1 TX + 20 RX

1x TT119 transmitter; 20x TT118 receiver; 20xEarphones; 1x Power adapter; 20 x Lanyard; 1x User manual; 1x headset microphone

What is the warranty policy?

We offer a 2-year warranty. (The warranty period for accessories is two months. Accessories include but are not limited to antennas, headphones, etc.)

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